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3 Eco Friendly Tips That Will Transform Your Home

Are you planning to renovate your home? You may have already started to discuss ripping out walls or buying new furnishings, however before you go ahead with any of this you should consider the environmental effects. With talks of climate change and global warming, it is now more important than ever to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Take a look at these eco-friendly tips which will help you enhance your home while also helping the planet.  

Retouch don’t replace

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when renovating their home is to get rid of their old décor, even when it is in good condition. Instead of making rash decisions like this, you should instead look at how you can reuse and retouch furnishings. For example, you may have an older style kitchen, and you no longer like the look of the cabinets. Your first thought would be to rip out the kitchen completely, although instead, you should consider repainting them in a lighter colour to make the heart of the home more modern. This is not only an eco-friendly option, but it will also help you save on buying new kitchen cabinets, which can be very expensive. 

When retouching your home, you should try to use paint with low levels of volatile organic compounds, which are one of the most hazardous chemicals which can harm you and the planet. By using eco-friendly and harmless paint, you can improve both the indoor and outdoor air quality in the surrounding areas of your home. 

Add more green space

If you own a property in the city centre, such as a student flat or studio apartment, more than likely you will not have much green space. This will put you at an environmental disadvantage, as greenery offers a massive variety of sustainable advantages. 

Property companies like RW Invest have several properties available in both Liverpool city centre and central Manchester, which feature rooftop gardens. This not only enhances the value of a property but also entices tenants who are interested in eco-friendly properties. Their rooftop gardens offer a sense of relaxation, while also helping tenants have access to great views and eco-friendly benefits. This includes better insulation as a green roof works to cool down the home and also improves air quality, which protects you, your home, and the earth. 

Invest in smart home technology 

If you don’t already have a smart home hub or smart meter in your home, then you’re missing out, as this is not only beneficial for the environment but can also help you make massive savings. This type of technology is designed to reduce the user’s carbon footprint. For example, smart thermostats work to reduce your energy usage by allowing you to turn off your heating from your smartphone. This is perfect for anyone who has a habit of leaving their radiators on when they leave the house, as you will use less energy and save on your bills. 

Another great invention is smart lighting, which again can be controlled by your smartphone. You could also invest in automated lighting, which only switches on when you enter the room and go off after a certain period of time. These eco-friendly tools will help you reduce your outgoings while also allowing you to lead a sustainable lifestyle. 

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