An Easy Guide to Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite has become an extremely popular gemstone option for couples seeking to keep their ring cost down and who are eco-conscious. If you are looking for a clear white gemstone and the classic diamond is outside of your budget, a moissanite engagement rings could be the perfect choice for you as it appears very similar to a diamond. So if you are seeking a bigger rock for your buck without compromising on the quality, then moissanite should definitely be at the top of your consideration list!

There are many reasons why moissanite engagement rings are one of the leading diamond alternatives. By opting for moissanite, it makes it possible to have a luxurious engagement ring of your choice at a sustainable and affordable price point. For today’s blog post we have had help from the experts at Lily Arkwright to give us an easy comprehensive guide to moissanite and why it’s an amazing alternative for ethical engagement rings.

So let’s start with the basics in this guide to moissanite engagement rings …

What is moissanite?

Moissanite gems are made up of the chemical silicone carbide, which is a mineral that occurs naturally but is extremely rare. In fact, naturally occurring moissanite is rarer to find than diamonds, as it only occurs in extremely small quantities. It was initially founded in 1893, in an Arizonian meteorite by the now acclaimed French Nobel prize winner Dr Henri Moissan. Fully justifying moissanites appellation ‘born in the stars!’ However, it was not until over a hundred years later when scientists successfully recreated the lab growing process of moissanite, and not long after Charles and Colvard first produced commercial quality lab grown moissanite gemstones, perfect to be set in jewellery and engagement rings. Which brings us to today, whereby almost all moissanite set in jewellery is grown in a lab, making it a super affordable and ethical choice.

What does moissanite look like?

Moissanite should always be looked at as its own unique gemstone with its own distinctive properties. Appearance wise, moissanite looks very similar to a diamond, the brilliance of moissanite has an unbeatable ranking sparkle, radiance and colour. In fact, moissanite is 30% more refractive than a diamond, giving the stone a unique rainbow-like sparkle when looking at moissanite in the light, accounting for moissanites unmatched fire and brilliance.

Why is moissanite sustainable and ethical?

The sustainability and ethical credentials of moissanite is a huge driving factor forconsumers. Today, nearly all moissanite stones used in jewellery are lab grown and Lily Arkwright they are proud to support the ethical trade of precious gemstones and diamonds, as they believe gemstones should be mined sustainably and without any conflict. As moissanite is grown in a laboratory, the mining process is eliminated, which removes the chances of any unethical practices occurring to the environment and communities or unsustainable actions against our planet.

Have you ever considered where your jewellery originates from? Chances are there are gaps in the production chain of your mined jewellery as manufacturing transparency can often be lost. Whereas, the lab grown moissanite gemstone industry is extremely transparent, allowing you to fully trace where your jewellery originated from. At Lily Arkwright, all their gemstones come fully certified, giving you complete peace of mind as to where your gemstone has originated from.

How durable is moissanite?

Moissanite is extremely long lasting and durable as moissanite has a score of 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness. To help put this into perspective, a diamond which is the hardest mineral on the planet has a score of 10 and a Blue Sapphire, which is an extremely popular engagement ring choice and the same gemstone set in the famous engagement ring worn formally by Princess Diana, and now by Duchess Kate Middelton measures a 9 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. Therefore, moissanite is the perfect choice for a durable engagement that is designed to be worn everyday and to last a lifetime! Considering purchasing a moissanite engagement ring? We cannot stress our love enough for moissanite gemstones! If you would like to learn more about moissanite as a choice for engagement rings and fine jewellery why not head over to the Lily Arkwright website to have a chat with one of their experts! Drop call them on: 0161 537 6773, or alternatively you can email their jewellery consultancy team at: or book an in-person consultation.

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