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FFS – Sustainable Shaving Made Easy

My quest for finding a sustainable shaving solution, that works for me, has been a long one! If you are making more sustainable choices when it comes to your bathroom and beauty items, at some point you will no doubt consider your razor options. It’s hard to ignore the cheap plastic disposable razors that often fill up so many bathrooms along with the guilt of knowing they will inevitably ending up in landfill. And quite often the female versions offer a rather inferior shave.

Safety razors are regularly talked about as a sustainable alternative but they can be a rather daunting switch to make. And with inflexible heads they don’t glide over the curves of a female body particularly easily. So my search for a sustainable razor option continued. That was, until I discovered FFS who make sustainable shaving effortless. Intrigued? read on to find out more!

Beauty should be effortless

FFS are committed to making beauty routines and shopping for them fuss free, whilst helping you to reduce your impact on the environment. They deliver affordable, high quality, luxurious and sustainable products to your door.

Their award winning shaving boxes are a sustainable and responsible shaving alternative dedicated to improving the experience of hair removal for women.

Whether you want to shave one leg and not shave the other or shave only sometimes, FFS will have an option to suit you. From one off shaving boxes, to monthly or bi-monthly, totally flexible, no commitment, subscription services.

You can use my code Eilidh15 for 15% off until Boxing Day!

FFS a Sustainable Product

When you swap to FFS you will be waving goodbye to cheap plastic razors and saying hello to a brilliant sustainable alternative to your average razor. The shaving set contains a reusable razor handle, manufactured in the UK, that comes with a lifetime warranty and high quality blades that can be recycled with FFS recycling scheme. There is also the option to add in sustainable, cruelty-free extras, which I will talk about more a bit later in this post.

From the FSC box your shaving set is posted in, the sugar cane tubes the shave gel is stored in, to their partnership with Climate Partner to help reach their goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company, FFS are really committed to being as sustainable as possible!

Recycling your FFS Blades

FFS Shaving have made an incredibly easy and stress-free process to hopefully encourage as many customers as possible to take part in the blade recycling scheme.

In order to recycle your blades, you simply pop them back in the post using a previous box. FFS recommends storing 12 blades before returning them by post in their original blade trays.

Once your blades arrive with FFS, they are stored safely until enough have been collected. Then a member of the team will empty the blades into a container, where they are ground down to break the materials apart. The metal and plastic elements are then separated… and they’re ready to be recycled!

Why Sugar cane tubes?

FFS tubes are made from sugarcane polyethylene. Unlike plastic, which uses resources from fossil fuels (non-renewable and carbon dioxide releasing), they instead use resources from renewable sugar cane.

Detectable black caps, what are they?

Carbon Black continues to be used in high volumes for plastics, due to its low cost and high covering power. However, the problem with this is that it absorbs Near Infared Light (NIR) which cannot be detected by the recycling sorting facilities.

This is because the NIR light is not returned to the sensor but instead is absorbed by the plastic article and the result is that it ends up in landfill.

FFS tube caps are made from PP which is a recyclable plastic & the black “masterbatch” that is used to create the colour is recyclable, as the black pigments used are oxide based so do not absorb the NIR rays. Therefore the sorting plants are able to determine the type of plastic being scanned and can sort and then recycle accordingly.

Cruelty Free Products

FFS have a ‘Leaping Bunny Certification‘ on all their products, the FFS razor, blades and beauty products are 100% cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

So how does it work?

Pictured is the small shaving set rose £18

FFS offer one off shaving boxes and also their flexible subscription services. You can buy your first FFS Subscription Box for as little as £9.95.

This initial bundle consists of your razor handle, available in a variety of colours and finishes, which comes free of charge with your first box, alongside your first four premium quality blades.

There is also the option of having your name engraved on the handle for FREE. A fab option to avoid the horror of finding someone else’s hair on your razor blade!

In your first box, the razor also comes with a free shower holder and you have the option of adding their shaving extras.

There are three available shaving Addons. All are cruelty and paraben free and come in sugar cane packaging. Made with delicious blends like Manuka honey, coconut oil and shea butter in their shave cream. (For a vegan alternative try the shave gel.) There is also shave scrub and shave balm. All three products are a great, addition to your shaving routine.

FFS also give you the option of adding in their other beauty products, from natural deodorant in a tin to shampoo bars there are so many lovely sustainable items. Check them out here.

Subscription Box Flexibility

FFS offer flexible subscription options, including a bi-monthly option where you can change your blade once every two weeks rather than weekly. FFS also offer a ‘pause’, or ‘skip’ option as well as being able to cancel, their transparency and flexibility is a real selling point.

If however, you don’t fancy a subscription service or want to buy a shaving set as a gift, FFS have a selection of one off boxes which contain the razor handle and 4 blades as standard with added extras.

Small shaving set – rose – £18

FFS Razor Blades

Finally, I can’t finish this post without talking about the blades. Set in a neat pack of four, FFS blades are suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive of skin. They are made from titanium and also diamond-coated to keep them sharp for as long as possible. No more blunt blades or shaving rash!

They are also designed for easy rinse through and optimally spaced to provide a comfortable shaving experience like no other. FFS blades also use a lubricating Vitamin E strip to help the razor glide effortlessly over the skin.

The blades teamed with the nicely weighted handle and pivoting head which easily adapts to the contours of your body makes for an enjoyable shaving experience!

Give FFS a try, you won’t be disappointed. You can use my code Eilidh15 for 15% off until Boxing Day!

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