How To Give Your Old Clothes a New Lease of Life

Shopping sustainably is the way forward. Not only does it have a positive impact on the environment, but it teaches us to appreciate the things that we purchase more in life. Sustainable fashion continues to hold huge importance. Instead of conforming to fast fashion, it’s time to make the most out of the pieces that we already own. 

So let’s have a look at how you can give your old clothes a new lease of life. 

Get Creative with Fabric Paint

Do you have an old t-shirt that is starting to look a bit drab? With the help of fabric paint, you can completely transform it and unleash your creativity to create a styling piece that is totally unique. You don’t need to be a top artist to use fabric paint and the best part is there are no rules when it comes to design. You can be as bright or as bold as you wish. 

There are plenty of fabric painting designs online that you can take inspiration from. Sometimes, we can fail to look beyond an item of clothing that has been in our wardrobe for a long time. However, each one has the ability to be upcycled, customised and transformed. 

Incorporate Patterns

Incorporating new patterns into an outfit is a great way to switch up your look. You can achieve this through several ways. For example, if you have a dress, why not put a patterned jumper over the top of it to create a co-ord look? Not only does it look like you have a brand-new outfit, but it adds versatility to the pieces in your wardrobe. Tights are also an incredible way to add a new and exciting element to any look. 

Take a look at these patterned tights from Heist Studios. Who said tights have to always be black and plain in design? Break up your outfit with pop-art colours like teal or nutmeg. Investing in a good pair of sustainable tights is well-worth it and they can certainly become an ideal styling piece to help you switch up your old clothing.


This year, tie-dying made a huge comeback. Plenty of celebrity style icons where pictured wearing the look and a lot of people tried their hands at transforming their old items of clothing. There is no denying that a tie-dyed item of clothing can be a bold look and it can certainly take a plain garment and give it a unique edge. If you want to give it a go then there are plenty of tutorials online which can take you through each step of how to successfully tie-dye. You can experiment using different colours and it will certainly become a unique piece that you can keep in your wardrobe for a lifetime. 

It is important that we understand the importance of upcycling our old clothing. Not only does it allow you to adopt a more sustainable approach to fashion, but it also helps us minimise the need for fast fashion in the future which is having a detrimental impact on the environment. 

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