How To Have A Green Period

Did you know that disposable period products are part of the problem in the fight against plastics? So what can you do to help?

Periods, a lot of us have them but for some reason it’s still a bit of a taboo subject and period waste, even more so. Pads can in some cases be made up of about 90% plastic – containing as much as four supermarket bags. Tampons are mainly cotton and rayon based but have components made up of polyester materials, not to mention the chemicals. Many also come individually wrapped in plastic with plastic applicators.

The average woman is estimated to use, and throw away, in excess of 10,000 of these in her menstrual lifetime!

So how can you have a green period?

When I say have a green period, I obviously mean more eco friendly. I switched to natural cotton tampons years ago after reading about the chemicals in normal ones and I’ve never gone back. But now there are so many different eco and more natural friendly options available. 


Buy organic, not only are they better for you, but also the planet. They come with a cardboard applicator (TIP: push the tampon out a little before using as the applicator can be a little stiff) and are wrapped in paper. You can get applicator free ones too.

Or invest in a reusable tampon applicator that can be used with organic cotton tampons. Yes I know, mind blown!

Try A Period Cup

I’m sure you will have heard of these things by now, but if you haven’t, basically they are reusable little cups, typically made of medical-grade silicone. Once inserted into the vagina they collect, not absorb, menstrual blood. You then empty the cup as needed, wash and reuse. The cups can be used for 10 years making them a great waste free alternative.

There are so many different menstrual cups that I would recommend having a look at Put A Cup In It to see which one may suit you. 

They do take a bit of getting used to and I haven’t mastered them yet, but I have friends who swear by them!

Go Reusable!

You could try reusable pads, cloth sanitary pads (CSP’s) or period pants. With so many different brands you are bound to find one that meets your needs. Have a browse on Earthwise Girls. 

I recently tried some period pants from modibodi and I found them fab for the last few days, although they can be worn throughout your period. Some can hold up to 2 1/2 tampons worth! They are less bulky than CSP’s and you can choose a variety of styles, colours and also absorbencies. 

I can imagine them to be a comfy option post baby or for any kind of women’s surgery. I recently had a laparoscopy for endometriosis and instead of pads post surgery I packed my period pants. They are also a good option for wearing when you are getting used to using a period cup, or for overnight too. 



10 responses to “How To Have A Green Period”

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    There are so many different things now to help people have a green period. It amazes me how far we have come some quickly. Love these ideas I always think reusable cloths would be great!

  2. I’ve tried to cut down my period single use products and I’m using period pants now but I love learning more about other products.

  3. Emma @ Adventures of a London Kiwi says:

    These are such fantastic options! I’m going to have a really good look into these!

  4. Rebecca Smith says:

    I’m definitely considering reusable when I finally start having them again – my contraceptive of choice means I don’t get them at the moment, yay!

  5. We’ve yet to try the cup, but have period pants so May look into that as an option moving forward x

  6. I hated the cup and won’t ever use one, it just isn’t for me, but I do like the idea of using something that is resuable x

  7. ChelseaMamma says:

    Not sure about reusable pads but I do use a cup and it was a revelation

  8. bryanna says:

    yay!! so happy you’re helping spread the word. I’ve been experimenting with different options and was surprised by how much I enjoy the reusables. they’re fab and so comfortable!

  9. It is all about waste management these days. Cups are a no, but reusable ones are a possibility xx

  10. Charli Bruce says:

    I don’t have periods so I couldn’t comment on trying to use any of these personally but, I do think that it’s great you’re bringing awareness to the subject x

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