Small Improvements That Will Help Make Your Home More Sustainable

The importance of preserving our planet and being green has never been more prominent, many of us are now looking at the simple ways we can make a difference. 

From recycling our rubbish, buying less and hopping on our bikes or walking instead of driving around in our cars, there are so many simple ways we can help. 

But what about our homes? How can we adapt these so they’re more sustainable but without spending a fortune?

Here’s some ideas: 

Save Water Where Possible 

Water is a precious commodity. That’s why we need to use as little as possible to get those important tasks done. For example, are you guilty of leaving the tap running while you’re cleaning your teeth? 

Leaving the tap on all the time while you brush your teeth or shave can really waste a lot of water. So get into the habit of turning it off when you’re not using it (and pass this habit onto the kids, too!). 

You might also want to try installing an eco-friendly showerhead that maintains the same pressure but reduces the amount of water needed. And be sure to fix any leaks, no matter how small, as these waste valuable water. 

Trap Heat in the Room 

While I’m all for turning the heating down and trying not to use it as much and instead putting a jumper on and layering up. The last thing you want is to feel cold and miserable. However, no matter how efficient your heating is at warming up the room, the temperature can soon tumble if you’ve got draughty windows or poor insulation. 

Double-glazed windows are great for keeping heat in a room but you might also want to consider adding blackout blinds too. These can really help trap heat in the room and reduce the cold and draught that comes in through the window. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice on style either as companies like Direct Blinds offer gorgeous designs for all décors. You can also go retro and add a draught excluder around those doors you can feel the cold seeping under. 

Install a Smart Meter

One of the best ways to kick start your sustainability campaign is to realise just how much energy you’re wasting. Smart meters will show you where all your energy is being used and it might just surprise you how much you can save.

From switching off appliances at the plug to reducing how long your heating’s on for, you can dramatically decrease your carbon footprint. 

Use Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs 

This is another hugely simple idea but one that can really save a lot of energy over time. A lot of shops are swapping out old, inefficient bulbs for energy-saving ones but don’t wait until your bulb blows to replace it. While it seems wasteful to not get the most out of your existing bulbs, the energy you’ll save is more than worth it – plus, these newer bulbs last a lot longer. 

Use Natural Products to Clean 

Finally, when you’re rolling up your sleeves to do the weekly clean, consider swapping out those chemical cleaners for natural ones. Chemicals are having a huge impact on our environment and natural cleaners which you can easily and cheaply make yourself (like vinegar and lemon) can do the job just as well, if not better. 


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