Second Hand Fashion in the UK – Where To Buy

In my year long ban on buying any fast fashion I learnt a lot about buying second hand clothes and I now like to think of myself as a bit of a pro. It’s still my go to for getting clothing, whether for me or the kids. Not only have I saved loads of money, I also have a wardrobe full of better quality clothes.

I often get questions over on my Instagram asking where I buy my second hand fashion from and how I manage to find quality items. So I thought I would start a little series on here. Detailing exactly where I look for second hand fashion and how I have created my second hand wardrobe. Also to help dispell any myths and stigma surrounding buying second hand. It doesn’t all smell like old granny clothes.


Shopping for second hand fashion (and any other items) is a great way to reduce your impact while still enjoying shopping and style.

There are so many benefits of buying second hand fashion and here are some of them;

Where to buy second hand fashion in the UK

There is a huge amount of places to look at when buying second hand fashion. Not only do you have your local town charity shops, but all of these places listed below are accessible online.

ASOS Vintage: Discover Vintage Boutiques as ASOS Marketplace. Here you can find clothing from all your favourite eras.

Beyond Retro: One of my favourite thrift store chains. Beyond Retro has online as well as physical shops in London, Brighton and Bristol.

Depop: Downloadable as an app Depop has a huge range of second hand clothing for all styles.

eBay: The world’s number one auction site. This is the place I have been the most successful with sourcing second hand fashion. One of my tips it to routinely search your favourite brands on the site every few weeks.

Etsy: I think of Etsy for its boutique sellers and handmade items. But is it also a great place to go for second-hand and vintage finds!

Farfetch: In Farfetch’s pre-owned section you can search fr designer pieces at relatively affordable prices.

Open for Vintage: Another recent find. Here you can shop from luxury second hand and vintage boutiques all over the world.

Oxfam’s Online Shop: Oxfam isn’t just in your local town, it’s also online too. Check it out!

Rokit Vintage: Rokit sells vintage, designer & branded clothing.

Vestiaire Collective: Another place to look for vintage and second hand luxury.

Vinted: A community based app where you can buy and sell pre loved clothing.

The next posts in this series will be on how to decide what you are looking for and then how to find it…..

12 responses to “Second Hand Fashion in the UK – Where To Buy”

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    This is great list! I often use Facebook groups to buy fashion second hand, it is amazing the different things you can find when you look and they amount you can save on the RRP!

  2. sarupashah says:

    I have made a bit of a promise this year, second hand only – I volunteer in a charity shop – and it is amazing how much NEW stuff is donated and while there are always reasons that are very sad – often it is they forgot they had bought it – I love the term pre-loved too to describe ‘second hand clothes’

  3. I love second hand fashion for both me and the kids. Great selection of places to buy second hand fashion. I’ve also had success on Facebook marketplace.

  4. Sam says:

    This is so helpful, I had no idea there were so many places you can buy second-hand fashion. I’ve bought second-hand clothes on eBay before, and me and my mum will often have a browse around our local charity shops.

    There’s also a shop in Birmingham (called ‘Cow’) that sells vintage clothing. I’ve popped in a few times and they have some really unique pieces.

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    There are some really nice things you can buy at thrift shops and second hand stores. I would rather go to one than to spend a lot of money in brand new clothes at the mall.

  6. That coat looks great on you. I have a friend that has found some great bargains in a couple of second hand stores. I didn’t know etsy sold secondhand goods.

  7. I am beginning to love vintage – as more people are doing it the clothes are practically brand new right? I have picked up some great treats recently – makes me feel less bad about shopping too

  8. ChelseaMamma says:

    I do love raiding charity shops, I live close to a very affluent area and have found some brilliant bargains

  9. Great list, I had no idea about some of these places! I love shopping for second hand clothes and have found some great bargains in the past. Its a great way to save money, help the environment and grab yourself some new clothes so its a win win in my opinion!

  10. I never realised that there were so many different retailers embracing the preloved fashion trend – so wonderful to see


    I think it’s a really good idea and have bought second hand for years depending on what i need. It’s great that there are so many places you can buy from.

  12. WE are such bargain and second hand shoppers here. You can always find such great items at super low prices.

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