Sustainable Home Decor To Transform Your Home

If you have been making small changes in your daily life to live more sustainably like growing your own veggies, taking a reusable water bottle with you and shopping more consciously. What do you do when furniture is inevitably worn out, walls need repainting, or you have a change in taste? You don’t need to refrain from decorating for pleasure, for comfort, or just because you fancy a change, but there are design choices you can make that include sustainable home decor which won’t jeopardise the other conscious decisions built into your daily routine.

Sustainable Home Decor

Read on for inspiration on ways to use sustainable home decor to transform your home.

Find Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a great option for sustainable home decor. Whether you want some floating shelves, a new unit or even a table, have a look for reclaimed wood options. You can find local artisan makers or look online on places like Etsy for handmade options. Or, if you are into DIY find some local reclaimed wood and have a go at making your own, like garden furniture made from pallets.

Shop With Sustainable Brands

There are some amazing brands creating unique, sustainable home decor items. For example, MuffleCork is a cork wall panel created with recycled wine corks; they are lightweight and easy to install with loads of designs and colours to choose from. A very affordable way to add a unique natural feature in your home, that is also naturally sound absorbent.


Go Vintage Or Source Pre-Loved

Second-hand used to be a dirty word, but now homeowners proudly display their charity shop finds and eBay treasures. Trends tend to come around again so if you are after some rattan items to add that boho 70’s vibe which is currently popular, pop down to your local charity shops and see what you can find. It’s a great way to find those unique items that no one else will have and enable you to really make your house your own.

Or even better, upcycle what you’ve already got. Just look on Pinterest or Youtube to find thousands of ideas to transform those tired or dated-looking items you already have. A lick of paint can be totally transformational. Just make sure you opt for eco-friendly materials and…..

Choose Low VOC Paint

Low VOC paint means low in the chemical nasties that give off that pungent paint smell. You know the one that gives you a headache? Instead, opt for paint that is water-based and low-VOC; not only is it less harmful to the environment, but it’s also less harmful to you, including your family and pets! It’s decorating without the headache.

sustainable home decor inspiration. Image of large house plants

Add Plants

Having indoor plants in the house is linked to reduced stress and increased creativity and has many health benefits. They act as air filters, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, as we all know, but they also remove harmful chemicals and can be used to increase humidity. If you manage to kill all living plants, try some succulents, or go for fake. Fresh flowers can also easily and quickly, brighten up rooms and hallways. A taller plant can help draw attention away from other room areas.


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