Switching to Green Energy Provider Pure Planet + £50 Reward / AD

November 26, 2019

One of the things you can do as a family to be more green and cut your carbon footprint, is to change your energy supplier. We’ve just switched to green energy provider Pure Planet who supply 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and feel it’s important for us to be doing this to support our families efforts to live more sustainably. By switching we have cut our carbon footprint straight away and all of our electricity is now pure and clean from either sun or wind power. 

Pure Planet have doubled their rewards for a limited time only — customers can share £100 in Amazon vouchers when a friend starts their switch to Pure Planet before 3 December 2019. 

You can use my referral code by clicking here and get your £50 voucher once your switch is complete. Just in time for Christmas!

Once you have switched just tap ‘Refer friends’ in your account to share a referral link, at any time and as often as you like to earn more vouchers.

Pure Planet was founded by Andrew Ralston, Chris Alliott and Steven Day – a group of friends who share a desire to make a difference. Their vision is to create a sustainable, compelling, mass-market company, which offers its members 100% clean, renewable power at game-changing, value-for money prices. Pure Planet’s single tariff is over £200 per year cheaper than the price cap and Big6 standard tariffs.

Their renewable electricity is from the sun, wind and water, and it’s cheaper than power that pollutes. Not only that, all their gas is carbon offset at no additional cost to you, the customer. This is important because homes using gas typically generate nearly four tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. That’s almost enough to fill a hot air balloon. Which is why they offset it on your behalf.

“We believe in a clear, clean sustainable future. No fossils, no nukes. We only source our electricity from sun, wind and water. Last year, our electricity mix was 80.5% wind and 19.5% sun (April 2018 — March 2019).”

A big plus for me it that Pure Planet don’t support fracking and they don’t buy fracked energy.

Switching is easy!

It’s hassle free and takes a couple of minutes so it’s really easy to lower your carbon footprint and your bills. Just type in your postcode, find your address and select your average energy usage. Or if you know your actual usage you can enter that. 

You will see your quote and then all you need to do is fill in a few details and a form to set up a direct debit. Once you have confirmed your switch Pure Planet start work straight away. They tell your old supplier you’re leaving (so you don’t need to).

Pure Planet have doubled their rewards for a limited time only their switch to Pure Planet before 3 December 2019.

You can start your switch here and get a £50 voucher.

Once you have switched just tap ‘Refer friends’ in your account to share your referral link, at any time and as often as you like. Both you and your friend will get your £50 voucher once their switch is complete, and their first payment is accepted. Just in time for Christmas!

On day 2 – They will email everything you need to know. Your account and your Welcome Pack show the date they will start supplying your home, details of your tariff and payments schedule.

On day 12 – You send your first meter reading. Pure Planet will remind you to send your opening readings. They pass them across to your old supplier so they can work out your final bill. This’ll take them around six weeks.

On day 17 – They flip the switch. Welcome to clean energy for less than power that pollutes!

Pure Planet take your first payment on this day too. If your old supplier collects payment in arrears, you might need to budget for two payments this month, one to your old supplier for the energy you’ve already used, and the other to Pure Planet for the energy you’ll use in the month ahead.

Once you’ve switched, as well as being able to refer friends, you can manage your account easily online, or on their award winning app, meaning you can manage your account from your pocket. Everything you need is in the app. You can view your usage in £ or kWh, and compare it to previous months.

You will be reminded to send meter readings which couldn’t be easier. WattBot, their digital assistant, will guide you through the steps. There’s even a torch for those dark cupboards.

Zero markup, No Contract and One Simple Tariff

Pure Planet have one great value, simple, variable tariff, so you’re always on their best rate. 

It’s a variable rate based on wholesale prices, which means it can go down as well as up.  Pure Planet don’t make any profit on the energy you use and they protect your rates for your first two months. You will get at least 14 days notice if your rates are going to go up and they don’t tie you into a contract, you’re free to leave any time, even within the first month. 

The price you pay for your energy depends on where you live. Enter your postcode here to see a detailed breakdown of their one tariff and find out how much you’ll save with Pure Planet. 

Your payment schedule

With Pure Planet your Direct Debits will be higher in the cooler months and lower in the warmer months. The calculation is based on using 60% of your energy between October and March – when it’s dark and your heating is on. This helps to prevent you building up large credits or debits depending on the time of year you join.

When you switch you will know what your payment schedule will be, showing your summer and winter Direct Debits.
Everything’s covered by your monthly payment, including VAT and your Membership fee. 

What is the membership fee?

For a Dual Fuel Member it is; £16.00 a month which gives you access to their Members’ rates for gas and electricity — and £30 a year dual fuel discount.

For Electricity only Membersit is; £8.00 a month which gives access to their Members’ rate for electricity.

The Membership fee covers:

  • Maintenance of your meter
  • Our people and support
  • Our operating and systems costs
  • Our low profit margin
  • VAT

The Members’ rate covers:

  • The wholesale cost of your energy and transporting it to your home
  • Renewable certification (REGOs)
  • Carbon offsets
  • Government levies
  • Settlement fees
  • VAT

Put Planet members’ rates vary by region. This is because the cost of transporting your energy to your home depends on where you live. Check the rates for your home here or get a quote to see what you’ll save


Pure Planet Community

There is also an online community where you can chat to other Members. Post questions, support each other, get involved and share views about Pure Planet, renewable energy, sustainability and environment issues, or anything else.


If you want to switch and share £100 in Amazon vouchers with me you can use my referral code Then you will be able to refer friends and both of you will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. Don’t forget you can share the referral code as many times as you like.



9 responses to “Switching to Green Energy Provider Pure Planet + £50 Reward / AD”

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    Switching energy suppliers is something I have never done and I know I really should as it can save you so much money. I’ll have to look into Pure!

  2. We have just switched our provider as got a much better deal, but I will keep these in mind next year when it is time to look again x

  3. talesofanaturalspoonie says:

    We recently switched to a green energy provider and love knowing that we are keeping our home warm and bright without further harming the planet.

  4. Anne Fraser @theplatinumline.blog says:

    I like the sound of this company. I do think it is important to use renewable sources.

  5. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops says:

    I really need to look in to swapping energy suppliers as we haven’t changed for a while, this sounds like a great provider!

  6. ChelseaMamma says:

    We switched energy suppliers last year and will definitely do it again as it was not as scary or difficult as I thought it would be. Love that Pure Planet is green, will certainly look into it

  7. Love that Pure Planet are green and don’t support fracking. They look like a brilliant energy supplier and I’m going to look into switching to them.

  8. Natasha Mairs - Serenity You says:

    These sound pretty good. I am really trying to go more green and I am currently looking at all the ways I can do this

  9. We had a smart meter installed almost two years ago and our contract is coming up for renewal, I’ll have to check out whether they are available in my area.

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