Tips To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Paying bills is a normal part of being an adult. But sometimes, you wonder if your energy bill reflects your usage. Though debatable, it is usually a fair representation of your usage. There are several minor things that you overlook every day that contribute to a high energy bill. Unless you decide to go with initiatives like choosesolar and use solar energy, you have to watch your energy use. So how can you reduce your energy bills?

reduce your energy bills

Turn down the thermostat

According to studies, simply reducing your thermostat setting by seven or more degrees for eight hours a day can save you up to 10% a year on your energy bill. This is great news. But most people leave their thermostat at one place and only change it during winter or summer. However, for just eight hours a day, you can save a lot. Carefully examine your daily routine and decide the best time to switch the thermostat up or down. This could be while you are away from home or when you are about to turn in for the night. This makes a good case for a programmable thermostat that can automatically switch at designated times.

Check the energy-efficiency of your home

Get a professional to check the energy-efficiency of your home. This will let you know how and where you are losing money. After this, take the necessary steps such as insulation, weather-stripping, and caulking to improve your home’s energy-efficiency. According to reports from, such a check can help you save up to 30% on your energy bills.

Reduce the usage of hot water

The Department of Energy indicates that up to 12% of the family energy bill is solely due to heating water. There are several other helpful tips on the website to limit hot water use in the home. Some of these are taking shorter showers, decreasing your water heater’s temperature, and using low-flow fixtures. Another thing to consider is using cold water when doing laundry. Up to 90% of the energy a washing machine uses goes into heating the water. You can wash clothes at cold temperatures, and they will still come out clean.

Upgrade to energy-saving appliances

The first thing to consider when it comes to appliances is switching all light fixtures in the home to LED energy-saving bulbs. When getting energy-saving bulbs, look out for the ones with more stars. They indicate the efficiency level, so the more stars, the more efficient it is. The next thing to do is check all large appliances such as your air-conditioning unit, refrigerator, microwave, washer, and others to see if they are energy-efficient. If they are not, make replacing them a priority. Upgrading all the major appliances that you use regularly will save you a lot of money.

With spare cash hard to come by in this economic downturn due to Covid-19, reducing the amount you spend on energy can prove to be a financial masterstroke. So, follow these tips to spend less on energy and save some money on other important things.

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