Tips To Transform Your Kitchen In A Sustainable Way

Sometimes the kitchen needs a bit of an upgrade and just like the bathroom, it’s one of the first rooms to become outdated or worn. With so many of us now working from home and using spaces more regularly, it’s likely to see more wear and tear as a result. If you are thinking of giving your kitchen a little spruce up it’s a great chance to focus on sustainability and being more eco-conscious as a household. So here are some tips to transform your kitchen in a sustainable way.

Use Recycled Materials

Using recycled materials is something that we should all be trying to look for when it comes to purchasing anything new. Whether it’s a toy, a piece of clothing, or the new countertops you want for your kitchen, it’s all-important to try and use materials that have been recycled or even upcycled. Usually, they’ll be more affordable and you have the benefit of knowing that you’re giving back to the environment by using something that has already been used before instead of creating the need for something brand new.

Fortunately, a lot more suppliers and businesses in general that work within the building and home decor industries are finding ways to recycle materials. It helps save them money in the manufacturing process, so why wouldn’t they try and take advantage of the opportunities it presents for them too? 

With that being said, try looking for recycled materials when replacing anything within your kitchen.

Invest In Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances are a great investment to make because not only do they help the environment, they can also help save you some money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint too.

There are so many energy-efficient appliances out there that are worth taking advantage of. From your microwaves to refrigerators, washing machines to dryers. So when it comes time to replace or upgrade have a look at the energy efficiency ratings of the new products. Instead of fully replacing white goods check that they don’t just need some new westinghouse fridge parts to keep them working for longer. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to work out what appliances are producing the most energy so installing a smart meter can be helpful. A smart meter can indicate to you what appliances you’re using the most and how that affects the amount of money you’re spending every day!

Go For Quality Above Price Point

Whenever it comes to making decisions on products or services, always go for quality above price point. Even if something is more expensive or cheaper than others, focus on the quality of the product or service you’re buying. Sometimes you don’t need to spend a fortune and on other occasions, you do need to spend more money in order to get the results and longevity that you’re after.

You’ll get more value from higher-quality products and the longevity of them will likely be a lot better. This is great from a sustainable viewpoint as they won’t need replacing as often.

When shopping for new items or perhaps constructors to do the work, be sure to shop around and don’t simply settle with the first thing you see. It is always worth shopping around for the best deal.

Start Composting

A lot of the food that we waste can actually be used in our back gardens or if you are lucky enough to have one, an allotment.  If you’ve not got a separate waste area for your food, then it’s worth creating one so that you can start composting your waste and reusing it in your garden. It’s also something that can be useful for other households and so if you’re producing lots of it, you can always give this to your neighbours, friends or family to use too. 

There are many different compost options from small containers to community schemes. We use ours for growing our veggies and flowers at the allotment.

Improve Air Quality

Air quality is important to consider in order to help keep the air as clean as possible and it can all start in your own home. By having indoor plants around the home, you can help keep the air cleaner thanks to the plants and their powers to purify the air from all the bad stuff.  The easiest air-purifying plants to have are spider, snake and aloe vera plants.

For reducing funky smells a simple pot of bicarb of soda in your fridge or some lemon slices in your dishwasher are a lovely natural way to improve the smells in your home. 

Use More Sustainable Cleaning Products

More sustainable cleaning products are another important change you can make. Be more conscious with what you purchase and try to go for products that are packaged in a more eco-friendly way and that aren’t toxic as most products. Or have a go at making your own eco-friendly cleaners, it’s easy and cheaper too.

When it comes to things like rags and sponges, use up what you have first. Then when they need replacing opt for more eco-friendly versions such as bamboo washing-up brushes and reusable kitchen roll. The less you can waste the better.

make your own eco friendly all purpose cleaner

Transforming your kitchen is something that can certainly be done with a more sustainable approach. Whether you’re doing a huge renovation or a few simple changes, you can use these tips to help with your upgrades whilst helping the environment too.


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