12 things you can do to make your next trip 10x easier

Going away on trips, whether weekend breaks, week long breaks, or extended trips of a few weeks or more, can be a lot of hassle if you don’t have a plan in place to make things easier. Travel can be exhausting, not only because of jet lag but because of how much effort you have to put into packing, planning, and the other elements of the trip. 

Here are 12 things you can do to make your next trip 10x easier. Read on to learn more:

Leave Free Space in Your Itinerary

Make sure you’re leaving free space in your itinerary so you’re not spending your trip running from site to site trying to cram it all in. You might think that you need to make the most of your time there by fitting in as much as possible, but you can have a great time without jam-packing your itinerary. Leave yourself some free space and you’ll have time to discover things you may never have seen otherwise. You can also relax when it comes to things like people watching and souvenir shopping! 

Pack Essentials in Your Carry On Bag

Having essentials ready in your carry on bag will ensure you have everything you need on your flight and once you land. Here’s an idea of what you should look at taking:

Don’t take anything in your carry on that could get taken away from you when you go through security. Make sure you take a look at what is allowed and what isn’t on the airline’s website well in advance of packing. 

Remember, you can simply tie a jumper around your waist or shoulders rather than packing it in your carry on bag and it won’t count towards your bag allocation. You’ll save space and have another layer to throw on when it gets cold on the plane. 

Mark Your Bags With A Recognisable Item

Mark your checked bags with a recognisable item to avoid any mishaps. Many suitcases look too similar, and there have been incidents of people taking the wrong bag home with them. Use a prominent sticker, ribbon, or something else you will immediately notice is a good addition to your luggage. Some people like to use luggage covers with pictures of their pet – or even their own face – printed so that nothing can get mixed up!

Have a Jet Lag Recovery Plan

Jet lag is one of the most physically challenging things you’ll need to deal with when you travel. It’ll cause fatigue, headaches, dry eyes, and insomnia, and many other symptoms. Using a supplement like melatonin could help you to mitigate the symptoms and feel a little better. You could also attempt to adjust your sleep schedule in advance of your trip.

Find A Place To Drop Your Bag 

Who wants to carry their bags around when they can’t check in for hours? Look for left luggage near me to find multiple places you can drop your bags off and explore before check in and before you fly home. 

Ask For An Early Check in or Late Check Out

If you ask nicely, you may be able to get an early check in or late check out. This can help you to reduce those ‘homeless’ hours between the time you check in and the time you fly home. Most hotels will do this if they are not full, and this will be more comfortable for you than having to try to get a few hours sleep at the airport. 

Create a Packing List So You Don’t Forget/Leave Anything Behind

Don’t risk forgetting anything or leaving anything behind. Create a packing list so you can have peace of mind that you have everything you need. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve forgotten something, especially when you’re supposed to be enjoying a trip. 

Wear Shoes That Are Easy To Slip On and Off

Going through security can feel like a huge inconvenience, especially when you have to take your shoes, jewellery, and other accessories off. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off and this won’t feel like such an inconvenience. 

Get Some Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you want to sleep on the plane, or you simply want to take your mind off flying, get some noise cancelling headphones. You’ll be able to block out any chatty passengers and crying children and enjoy yourself with a playlist or podcast instead. 

Don’t Forget Your Travel Pillow 

You might suddenly fancy a nap on the plane, even if you didn’t think you’d be sleeping at all. Having a travel pillow handy can help you to get so much more comfortable and avoid the inevitable neck ache you’d get from trying to sleep on the seat. There are some seriously innovative neck pillows that can help you – take a look and see for yourself. 


Get The Flushd App

Is there anything more uncomfortable than needing the toilet and not knowing where you can go? Try downloading the flushd app in advance. This app maps out bathrooms based on your location so you know exactly where to go to the toilet and save yourself embarrassment. 

Get A Small, Portable Safe

You might be able to pay extra to keep your things in a safe in the room, but you may not have total peace of mind this way. Instead, consider getting a small, portable safe for your belongings. This way you have complete control at all times and can trust that your belongings are as safe as possible. 

Have a Wallet For Your Important Documents 

A wallet for all of your important documents means you can grab what you need at a moment’s notice. There are some great options out there, and they will allow you to keep your boarding passes, passports, foreign currency, and any other bits and pieces you need to keep in one place together. 

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