First Time in Edinburgh? 5 Best Things to Do in Edinburgh

Looking for new places to travel? How about a visit to Scotland’s breathtaking capital? There are plenty of exciting things to do in Edinburgh. With stunning architecture, endless winding streets and an awe-inspiring castle perched on a dormant volcano, there’s nowhere else quite like it.

You’re never far from history and cultural attractions in Edinburgh. By day you can scale a monument dedicated to a wordsmith, explore the castle, admire artworks in galleries or wander the royal mile. By night you can enjoy restaurants, musical and theatre performances, or find your favourite dram in a charming whisky pub. If you want to experience the bustling Edinburgh Fringe – the world’s largest open-access arts festival – make sure you visit in August, when the city comes alive with the best performers and shows from around the globe.

Curious about what you can see and do? Read on for the 5 best things to do in Edinburgh.

Best Things To Do In Edinburgh

5 Best Things to Do in Edinburgh

Explore Edinburgh Castle

A visit to Edinburgh Castle is a must as it is one of the most iconic sights in the whole city. The history and the functions of the specific castle – it used to be a fortress, a prison and a royal residence – make it a great place to start your journey to discover Edinburgh as it will teach you a lot about the politics of the city and the country in general. It was constructed and inhabited even before the Iron age. It is on the top of Castle Rock, which is pretty close to the city centre.

Best Things To Do In Edinburgh Castle

Climb Arthur’s Seat

Only a mile away from Edinburgh Castle, you will find Arthur’s Seat. It is a volcano that many locals and tourists climb because the view of the city from up there is spectacular. Do not let the fact that it is a volcano stop you from going; it has been there since antiquity, and it has never erupted. You should go there by car because you will definitely be exhausted after all the hillwalking. If you don’t have one, you will find the best and most reliable car to hire on Enjoy Travel effortlessly. Once you reach Arthur’s Seat, you should also visit Holyrood Park. The park was established by King James V in 1541. Now it is open for the public to enjoy the vast green space.

Visit The Scotch Whisky Experience

Scotland is famous for its whisky. It would be a shame to go to its capital and not get to live the ultimate Scottish experience. This is a project created by the whisky industry, so you know that you shouldn’t miss it for the world. The possibilities are endless; you can book a tour to learn everything there is to know about whisky, take part in a tasting event, buy a great bottle of whisky from an exquisite collection or enjoy a fancy meal.

Be Amazed At The Scottish National Gallery

We talked about history, nature and spirits, and now we have to cover art! If you love paintings, you should definitely visit the Scottish National Gallery, which is one of the best art museums in the country as it is known for its great art collection. You will get to see works by renowned Scottish and international painters such as Raeburn, Monet and Cézanne.

Brave the Edinburgh Dungeon

For something to do in Edinburgh that is a little unusual. For a thrilling alternative adventure, visit The Edinburgh Dungeons, where you’ll learn about the city’s gruesome history. Walk the plague-ridden streets of 1645, evade the murderous duo Burke and Hare, and even face trial – good luck! With live actors, underground rides and special effects, you’re guaranteed a ‘spooktacular’ time.

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