5 Things To Consider Before Moving To A New Country

Moving to a new country is something that a lot of people spend all their lives dreaming about. But making it a success isn’t as easy as lining up a job. You need to do a lot of prep in advance. 

In this post, we take a look at five things you need to consider before you up sticks and live a different life elsewhere. 

things to consider before moving to a new country

Sort Out Your Visas

First thing’s first: you’ll need to sort out your visas. Living in a foreign land isn’t just a matter of showing up at the airport on the other side. You need to make sure that you have legal reasons to be in the country. 

Remember, most tourist visas allow you to travel freely around the destination country, but you can’t work. Plus, there are usually strict time limits on how long you can stay.

Work visas tend to be for six months or more, but you’ll have to prove you have a job lined up. 

If you’re going to the US, you’ll need to look into how to get a green card. This free pass will essentially grant you citizenship, allowing you to enjoy the benefits that the country offers. 

Get Your Insurance Sorted

When moving to a new country, things could go wrong for you financially. Your health, for instance, could suffer, or your flights might get canceled.

Insurance is great because it stops you from getting derailed in terms of money. If something goes wrong, you can rely on your cover to pay out, keeping you solvent. 

If you’re taking valuables with you – like a camera or jewellery – be sure to get these covered too. 

Cancel Your Ongoing Subscriptions

A lot of people who move abroad forget to cancel their subscriptions, and get a nasty surprise at the end of the month. They have less money in their accounts than they thought. 

Try canceling anything you won’t use once you leave. Cable TV subscriptions, for instance, are first for the chop. So too are gym memberships at gyms that only operate in your local area.

Also, be sure to tell your bank that you’re moving so they don’t forward bank statements to the wrong address. 

Organise A Back-Up Place To Stay

Moving to a new country usually involves a few hiccups along the way. Be sure, therefore, to arrange backup accommodation for when you arrive. You might not be able to move into your property immediately – especially if you’re waiting for your belongings to arrive via boat. 

Having somewhere to rest your head lets you avoid sleeping in the gutter, leaving you fresh to deal with any challenges that you might face. 

Get Your Health Sorted

The rules regarding COVID-19 are changing all the time, so be sure that you comply with the latest requirements. Some countries want proof of a negative test before they will allow you through border security. 

Also, be sure to pick up the medications you’ll need. You might not be able to gain access to them immediately in the destination country.

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