8 Top Middle East Holiday Destinations

8 Top Middle East Holiday Destinations

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Many people might just assume that the Middle East is just a hot, dry desert. 

While they may not be wrong on the fact that there are a lot of desert areas, and it is hot; the Middle East has much more to offer. The area is home to a rich history that takes us back to the earliest times. Some of the oldest civilizations were in the Middle East and the countries in the area are littered with fantastic ruins and so much culture. 

But it doesn’t even end there, there is also the food and drink, the scenery, the beaches, and the people. With so much more on offer, we’ve compiled a list of the eight top Middle East holiday destinations 


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The ultimate city of the future, Dubai, has one of the most impressive and stunning skylines in the world. This iconic city is showing the world how it should look, with buildings that look like pieces of technology and with unmatched designs. 

But Dubai doesn’t just look great. The emirate is home to some of the biggest designer brand names in the world. If you love shopping, you can shop until you drop in Dubai. 


Petra, Jordan 

One of the most famous places in the Middle East to visit has to be Petra in Jordan. Whether you are taking one of the Best Jordan Tours 2021, or you’re looking for a spot for a holiday, there is enough in Jordan to make your break one of the most memorable you’ll ever take. 

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra is an ancient city that was at one time a central hub of trade and commerce. Of course, Petra is less significant for those reasons anymore, however, these days it attracts a huge number of visitors for the impressive ruins. 

You’ll get a surreal sense as your marvel at the amazing remains of this beautiful place. 

When visiting Petra, be sure that you check out these amazing spots: Al-Khazneh (the Treasury), El Deir (the Monastery) and Siq (the narrow gorge used as the entrance) You should also be sure and visit the Royal tombs.

If you’re an Indiana Jones fan, you’ll no doubt recognize a few of these memorable sites. 


Nizwa, Oman 

In the heart of Oman lies the beautiful city of Nizwa. Despite modernization this stunning city has managed to retain many of its traditions and beautiful architecture. 

The city is surrounded by mountains and has the feel of a historical city that belongs in stories like Aladin. Nizwa is known for its busy souks with traders packed in close selling all kinds of handmade goods. 

If you’re visiting or taking a holiday in the city of Nizwa, you should be sure to check out the beautiful Nizwa Fort, the intoxicating and intense Nizwa souq and the Falaj Daris Park.


Kuwait City, Kuwait 

Some may say that Kuwait City is a real jewel in the crown of the Middle East. This city has seen more than its fair share of hardship with wars and political unrest, however, the resilient city has survived and in recent years has managed to rebuilt and attract tourism. 

If you’re looking for days out in Kuwait City, then you should visit the Seif Palace, Kuwait Zoo, the Grand Mosque, the House of Mirrors, and Kuwait Towers. 

You should also try and catch some theatre while you’re in the city. 


Al’Ula, Saudi Arabia

Al’Ula in Saudi Arabia is packed full of history. With prehistoric landmarks and a bustling civilization that dates back to the first century BC, this was once an essential centre for trade and commerce, in much the same way that Petra in Jordan was. 

Today, all that remains are relics of a rich and history and Al’Ula has become an area of significance because of the beautiful and surreal historic monuments. 

One of the most famous relics that you will find at Al’Ula is the Mada’in Saleh, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is the second-largest Nabatean capital, with the largest one being Petra in Jordan. 


Beirut, Lebanon 

If you are looking for a party city that feels young and that dances to its own beat, then Beirut in Lebanon is for you. This city has a great vibe about it. If you’re looking for somewhere to get some peace and quiet, don’t go to Beirut. 

While the city is fast-paced and exciting, it does have some great tourist attractions too. These include the Sursock Museum, the Martyr’s Square, the National Museum of Beirut, and the Mohammed Al Amin Mosque. 

If you need to catch your breath in all of the excitement of this amazing city, you can do it will watching the beautiful sunset at the picturesque Raouche Rocks.


Aswan, Egypt 

Of course, Egypt has a wealth of different places that are well worth a visit. However, if you had to pick just one place, you should make it Aswan. 

That said, why not take advantage of your time in the Middle East and enjoy the whole area around the Nile. Visit the pyramids near Cairo before heading over to Aswan. This Nile riverfront city has a selection of exciting archaeological sites. 

Some of the must-see spots include the Philae Temple, the Temple of Abu Simbel, the Elephantine island, and the Nubia Museum.


Cappadocia, Turkey 

Cappadocia is a place where history and natural beauty combine alongside modern technology. 

Situated in the heart of Anatolia in Turkey, the area is known for its chimneys that were formed millions of years ago. These creative formations were caused by volcanic reactions in the region. 

While you can visit the area on the ground and explore the interesting shaped rocks and caves, one of the best ways to see the whole area is to take a romantic, early morning balloon flight that will let you take in all of the stunning views of Cappadocia and the surrounding area. 


Which is your favourite top Middle East holiday destination?


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