A GPS Tracker For Your Luggage Equals Less Stress

Have you ever used a GPS tracker for your luggage? Luggage not turning up has to be one of the most stressful situations that can happen on a holiday. We had the misfortune of it happening to us recently, although somewhat luckily, it happened on the way home. As so many cases were in the same situation, we did start to worry whether they would ever turn up and had no idea where the cases actually were. Were they still in America? Or in the depths of a pile of luggage in terminal 5? It took days for us to be reunited and it’s not something I am keen to repeat. The thought of being able to track your cases or other items you have travelled with and know where they are would have been more reassuring for us. The solution I have discovered is a PAJ Easy Finder GPS Tracker.

Who is PAJ?

PAJ GPS is one of the leading European brands in GPS tracker devices. They specialise in GPS tracker devices to protect what you love. With an advanced finder portal for configuration, you can track your assets and even the people you love!

PAJ have a range of GPS tracking device, two of their trackers in particular are currently suitable for use with luggage. Easy Finder 4G and Allround Finder. The key differences between the two are: the Allround Finder is slightly bigger and has a better battery life, but it only works with 2G whereas the Easy Finder 4G works on the 4G network. PAJ also have other tracking devices suitable for cars and other machinery. 

All of your tracked items can be monitored using a single finder portal on your computer or mobile. You can analyse travel time, stop points, speed variation during the course and route taken with the application. You can share the current location with authorities in case of emergencies, to really help with less worry.

PAJ Tracker For Your Luggage

The PAJ Easy Finder 4G 

The PAJ Easy Finder 4G has been designed for vehicles, people and valuables. It has 14 days of battery life in standby mode and an SOS button for emergencies. It is also waterproof. The tracker is part of a new generation design which has 4G network coverage and is currently available on Amazon for £90.99.

Other features include:

– Alarm notification if the GPS is shaken or moved.

– SOS alarm if the alarm button is pressed.

– Alarm message as soon as the GPS leaves a specific radius.

– Alarm notification if the GPS exceeds a specific speed.

– A battery alarm message, as soon as the battery is low.

Using the PAJ Tracker

Inside the Easy Finder 4G box you get: the device (with a SIM card installed), a case for the device with a belt loop and loop for the enclosed lanyard, a charging cable, a plug (although ours was sent from Germany and was for European sockets, however, the charging cable can plug into any USB charger) and an instruction booklet.

The device initially needs charging and the instructions recommend leaving it for 8 to 12 hours for the initial charge. You also need to set up an account and activate the device. You can do this via the Finder Portal website or via the PAJ Portal app. I would recommend that you download the app because this will allow you to track the device when you are out and about. To use the tracker you need to pay a monthly subscription. The cost of this varies depending on how long you subscribe. Shorter terms may work better if you are planning on using the tracker occasionally for annual holidays, however, a longer subscription may work better if you plan on using the device regularly. Costs start at £3.75 per month, depending on the length of subscription you choose.

PAJ Easy Finder 4G Tracker For Your Luggage

A Tracker For Your Luggage

If you are wanting to use the PAj tracker for your luggage, all you need to do is switch it on before you travel and pop it into your case. The tracker will go into standby mode when it’s not moving to save battery and will last, if fully charged, for the entirety of your journey and days after if you have yet to be reunited with your luggage.

When you turn the device off it stays on for a minute to send its current location before turning off. It will do the same when it has a low battery so you can always find the last known location. 

You will then be able to log on to the finder portal and see exactly where your luggage is, providing reassurance and support to relocate your bags if you need it. 

If you are wanting to use the Easy finder with children you can put the tracker into a pocket, bag or get the child to wear it with the lanyard provided. It would be really useful in busy situations, like at the airport or at a festival. There is the SOS button they can press in the case of an emergency and the app provides lots of useful information which if you do lose sight of your child will help you find them again. It includes a route of where they have been and how fast they have been travelling, as well as hot spots so you can see areas where they have been for longer periods of time.

The PAJ Easy Finder is a really useful item to have to help provide reassurance. I will definitely be using it as a tracker for luggage on our next trip. 

Disclosure – we were sent this product in exchange for an honest review and compensated for our time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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