Family Travel Experience Bucket List

Travel is my passion, even just thinking about it makes me smile and creates a feeling that I can only describe as a mix of excitement and eagerness. If money was unlimited it wouldn’t be a big house, or a fancy car that I would purchase first, it would be plane tickets. I can’t imagine not wanting to see the World and there are so many places on my travel bucket list. I didn’t get to travel when I was younger as I so desperately wanted to and now I have a family travel will be a little different to how I had envisaged it. Probably not quite  so much sitting around on a Thai beach. But I have been thinking recently about the places I would like to go and the different travel experiences I would like to have as a family. I want to help light the fire of passion for travel in my children too. 

Our Family Travel Experience Bucket List

This list could be HUGE, so instead of listing the many, many countries I would like us to visit I have picked some different travel experiences I would love for us to have.

Go On A Cruise – My Mum and Dad love a cruise and I have to admit the idea of waking up in a different place each morning, opening the cabin door and having a cup of coffee with a view out to sea, does really appeal to me. Of course cruising with kids we would need a kid friendly cruise, one with water slides and plenty for them to do whilst sailing would be amazing.

Volunteer In An Elephant Orphanage – My favourite animal is probably, after reading the heading, not surprisingly, an Elephant. I have wanted to volunteer in an Elephant orphanage for a LONG time now and I think it’s something that would be pretty amazing to do as a family.

Go Skiing – Something I’ve never done. I’m hoping to learn how to snowboard and the boys in particular would love to learn how to ski. I always watch families I know on their social media having such a fun time on a holiday ski trip and I know it would appeal to the adrenaline junkie in us all.

Road Trip Through Europe – I would love to plan a trip down through Europe, stopping in Air BnB’s and exploring the different cultures and areas. It would have to include Italy, mine and James’ favourite place. The Amalfi coast would be top of the stop off list.  

Go On Safari – I’ve wanted to go on safari for as long as I can remember. I mean Woburn Safari park is great, but you can’t beat the real thing can you! Sleeping in a safari tent actually on Safari would be a real memorable experience. 

Adrenaline Fun In The Jungle – Swimming in a waterfall pool, zip lining through the treetops and climbing to the summit. There are plenty of places that we could visit to experience this. As a family we are pretty adventurous and love a challenge so a holiday that offers more than just a beach to keep us busy is a win.

Learn To Surf In Australia– I know we could go and learn to surf in Devon, but Australia has always been on my travel list and it’s a lot warmer (and cooler) to learn there! 

Sleep In A Beach Hut – On a tropical island, preferably somewhere in Thailand. Maybe even on one of the uninhabited islands, in Ang Thong National Marine Park, for a couple of nights. Waking up to the sound of the sea lapping on the shore, no noise, lights or other people, bliss!

Explore The DesertCook on a campfire, trek on camels, watch the sunrise, sunset and sleep in a bedouin tent. What an amazing family travel experience that would be!  


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