Glamping With Ready Camp in Suffolk + Video

Siting on the decking with the early morning sun warming my feet, I stretch out and enjoy the feeling, the kids playing happily on the grass infront of me. I slowly sip my morning coffee listening to their happy giggles, the distant wind turbine whirring and the birds tweeting. It’s our first morning in Kessingland, Suffolk, after having spent the night in our Ready Camp tent on proper, comfortable beds, with black out lining. We are all ready for a full day of exploring ahead, with two excited boys already asking if we can go to the beach yet. 

Camping can seem like a bit of a scary concept and after a few disastrous, wet, attempts years ago, it’s not something I’ve been very keen to do with three children. The thought of us all huddled together in a cramped, cold tent, isn’t very appealing. But having spent many happy holidays camping and caravanning as a kid, I know and love the freedom staying on a campsite gives you. The fresh air that you get in bucket loads and the quality time it means you spend together. And it’s those hazy, happy memories that all tug me towards wanting to try again. 

To successfully camp, you need the kit and without the kit, you are miserable. But getting everything is an expensive outlay, especially if you aren’t sure if it is something you will continue to do. Ready Camp has everything you need, all we brought with us was our bedding, towels, a washing up brush, liquid, tea towel and some food. 

The tents are spacious with a living area with kitchen, as well as two separate bedrooms. And the BIG selling point for us is that they cater for larger families. The second bedroom can fit 4 children, comfortably! And if you have a little one, you could move a couple of things about and have enough space to have a travel cot, or the pull out trundle bed in with you in the double room. Yes it has a proper double bed! There is even a sofa, tables and chairs, decking chairs, a heater and a microwave! 

The boys loved everything about glamping with Ready Camp, even the washing up. The campsite we stayed at had a lovely family bathroom where we could all go and shower together which was really useful. There was also a playground and onsite shop, with parking right next to the tent, meaning everything was very easy! There are even washing machines, tumble driers, an ironing board and iron you can use in the launderette. Ready Camp with the Camping and Caravanning Club is definitely a camping experience without any stress.

You can see our glamping with Ready Camp adventure and more of the tent in the video below.

My parents came with us and stayed in the tent next door. The kids loved being able to run between the two tents and it was nice to have some company sitting out on the decking in the evening. It’s a great way to go away with extended family or even as a group of friends as you all have your own space. 

We visited Southwold on a couple of the days, with a gorgeous beach, pier, beach huts and plenty of parking, we loved it.

We were told about a little place called Walberswick. It is beautiful and I can’t believe we have never been here before. 

Our legs are dangling over the side, happy feet swinging whilst baited breaths are watching the crabbing lines for any movement. There is a soft splash next to me as Ava dips her fishing net in and out of the water, then a sequel of excitement as a crab net is pulled up. Finally Kyle has managed to catch a crab and we all watch as he carefully but quickly places it into the bucket. Three keen children crowd the bucket, little faces pressed against the side watching the legs of the crab exploring it’s new surroundings, before the excitement begins again. It’s a beautiful warm, sunny day and I stretch my head back, face tilted up at the sun and breathe in the sea air. 

Our glamping weekend was definitely made better by the beautiful weather we had, however we had picked an area with plenty to do whatever the weather. With the prices being so affordable, I’m already looking at exploring another UK destination for a long weekend. 

If you would like to see a complete tour of the Glamping with Ready Camp tent, I do a tour over on my IG TV.

Disclosure: We were provided our tent for the weekend in return for our honest review. Thanks for having us Ready Camp!


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