Planning A UK Eco Break

There is no doubt that holidaying in your own country saves on your Carbon footprint. A staycation is a term usually used to describe when you stay in your home country or even when you stay in your own home, adventuring locally, rather than going abroad.  Either way, holidaying in the UK can reduce the costs of a big family holiday while still managing to pack in as much fun. There are some amazing sights to see right here! Have a look at the photo below that I took of Three Cliffs Bay in Gower, Wales.

Decide where you want to stay

From eco-pods to Yurts, to forest cabins, there’s a whole host of unique places to stay in the UK. You’ll be keeping your travel miles down and helping to support the local economy while you’re at it. 

Or you could think about Camping, getting back to nature is good for the soul and it’s a pretty eco-friendly way to holiday. Have a look for places to stay have sustainable practices. 

Explore in a green way

Wherever you decide to stay, think about how you travel around once you reach your destination. Grab a map of the local area and plot out a walking route. See how much you can explore by foot, it’s a great way to find places you can’t reach any other way.  If you did need to cover more distance, try exploring your destination by bike or even further afield, have a look into traveling by train or bus. 

Give back to the area

Be kind to the planet and plan a green activity into your trip. With a little research, check out local Facebook pages, you could take part in fun, green activities such as beach cleans, butterfly counts or maybe even an apple day. 

Think about your packing

One of the benefits to holidaying in your own country is that you can take everything you want and need, like bikes, a travel system or a portable oxygen concentrator . Don’t forget to pack your normal eco-friendly items like your reusable water bottle and think about taking reusable cutlery, cooking utensils and plates rather than single-use ones, if you will be needing them.   

Toiletries are simple if you already have reduced your plastic at home and use shampoo and soap bars, they are quick and easy to pack for the whole family. Just make sure you remember to have something to store them in, a cotton bag or tin works well.

If you have larger bottles of products at home, decant what you can so that there is no need to buy special plastic mini travel items. Use cloth wipes and reusable makeup remover pads instead of single-use wipes for your face.

You can also try to pack reef-safe sun lotion and chemical free bug repellants. A citronella candle outside in the evening is lovely.

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