2 weeks post partum

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since our little Ava arrived into our lives and made our little family complete. 

The first week we spent most of it in hospital as Ava developed jaundice and was just under the line for needing treatment. Once home I was still in a lot of pain from the c section and it’s only the last few days that I’m starting to feel more myself again. 

The second week has been a lot easier than the first. I’m slowly regaining strength and can now get dressed, shower, walk about the house with relative ease. Believe me the first few days/week it feels like your never going to be able to do it again. My scar is healing nicely. I’m surprised by how neat it is. I don’t know what I expected but it looks like someone has drawn a slightly smiley line in a pink pencil across me just below my knicker line. The midwifes have said my uterus is now back to normal and are happy with how I’m healing. I’ve been out of the house a couple of times now. It’s frustrating as I’m still having to take things really easy. I walked (round the corner) to pick big monkey up from school and that night and the next day I was in a lot of pain again! I’m still very emotional and liable to burst into tears about the smallest of things. I think it is settling down. I’m sure I got the usual 3 day blues a bit later this time having a c section than I did with having a natural birth. The hv is keeping a close eye on me and I’ve already completed a pnd questionnaire as I had it with my last little monkey. I’m really hoping I don’t develop it this time. I was really shocked to find that I can get my old jeans on and done up. It took months with the boys. I’ve got no idea what I currently weigh so I will have to find out how much I’ve lost. My tummy is still puffy and tender though so I can’t actually wear them!! 
Breast feeding
Wow this week has got easier. I no longer hurt and Ava is going longer between feeds (usually). The only pain I have now is from occasional engorgement. I had a total meltdown about day 7. Ava had been feeding all day and I was so tired and sore. Luckily I knew it was likely to be a growth spurt and things would improve. It made me remember how hard it can be and why so many mums give up. 

Family life
The monkeys love Ava and are really sweet with her. Watching her, kissing her, talking and singing to her. I’ve struggled with not being able to do as much with them as I’ve been spending a lot of time feeding and I’m still recovering. This week as it’s half term I’ve felt really guilty that I haven’t been able to do many things with them! 

Baby Ava
The hv weighed her at 10 days and she is now 7lb14. At 5 days she had lost 40g from her birth weight of 7lb8. They were really impressed as she is still slightly jaundiced. Ava still spends most of the time sleeping broken up by feeding,  pooing and farting. She’s not very lady like!! She seems to struggle with her wind and is also quite sicky. She has sicked up a few whole feeds even coming out of her nose (not nice). Having experience of reflux before I’m keeping a close eye on it. She is a lovely, calm, cuddly baby who at the moment rarely cries. (Fingers crossed as I type that) 

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