3 Nursery Essentials For You And Your Baby

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If you’re scouring the internet in preparation for your baby to make sure you have purchased the best equipment for the nursery, you have found the right place! As the first few months following giving birth can be quite tricky and tiring, it is important that you have preempted a couple (plenty) of sleepless nights, and that after the first 6 months you’re likely to swap baby from your room, to one of their own.

Here is what you might need.

Cot Bed

The number one luxury essential for a nursery is a cot bed. Cotbeds can change the cot to a small bed for your toddler, once they are of an age that you feel they no longer require the rails and have outgrown their crib. This helps save any future hassle of having to remove the crib from their room and buy and build a new small bed for your toddler to sleep in. The style of your cot is ultimately your choice. However, it is recommended that the cot bed you choose complies with British Safety Standards BSEN716, which provides certainty that your cot bed is safe for your baby. Choose some luxury nursery furniture to add a touch of opulence to your nursery and enhance the style and comfort.

Baby Monitor

Another crucial item for your infants’ room is a baby monitor. A baby monitor will help you to hear your youngsters coos and cries when you are in a different area of your home. By keeping surveillance of your baby while you are not present, it provides you with the instant knowledge when your baby needs comfort and attention. Today’s advanced technology provides the opportunity to purchase baby monitors with cameras attached. The camera device gives you the added benefit of being able to see your baby while they’re sleeping and when they are restless. Camera devices provide contentment for you and save you getting up and out of bed to every murmur your baby makes. This helps to pre-empt whether or not to let the baby settle or to intervene.

Nursing Chair

Nursing chairs are not just for breastfeeding mothers, you can use them for bottle feeding, rocking your baby back to sleep, reading stories to your baby, comforting your baby when they’re ill and so on. Finding a nursing chair with optimum comfort can help relieve the stress and strain of pacing the landing on sleepless nights in an attempt to rock your baby back to sleep, or moving them from their room into a room that has a sofa for you to relax into. A readily available nursery chair is an essential for providing both you and your baby comfort. Some have embedded storage where you may wish to pop your breastfeeding tools or a nursery book to read to your infant.


Those are just a few of the things you might want to purchase in advance of your baby’s arrival. When buying items for the nursery, try to remember your comfort as much as theirs – after all, you’ll be there every step of the way.



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