Gratitude list #4

Every week I write a list of things I have been grateful for in the past week.


  1. Smiles and giggles from baby girl. She makes me smile every day.
  2. Kyle coming in from School and wanting to sit and read with me.
  3. Singing with Finlay, in the car, the house, at bedtime and to Ava in the bath.
  4. The dietician for giving me some hope that we can sort out the problems Ava has been having.
  5. James, I appreciate everything he does for me, Ava and the boys.
  6. Our log burner, for creating cozy nights.
  7. Betty Crocker cake and brownie mixes. I can actually make a decent tasting treat that is dairy and soy free.
  8. Discovering I can eat hobnobs, it’s the small things.
  9. Pinterest, I’m getting into using it again after neglecting it for a while.
  10. Waitrose online shopping which has a filter on it that helps you search for foods that don’t contain certain things.

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  1. Amy says:

    Such a lovely idea. I need to try and be more positive 🙂 #TheList

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