The MAD Blog Awards 2015 – Please nominate me

I’ve been blogging for a while now and being told that I have been nominated for the MAD blog awards has just made my night. Thanks Steph from A Cornish Mum. When I started this blog I wanted a place I could record memories and it’s now become so much more than that. I hope it is a place where other Mums with babies can come and gain information and also see they aren’t alone when they are having a tough day.

If you could spare a few minutes to nominate me in the baby category I would be eternally grateful. All you have to do is copy my url and enter your email. You have to nominate a blog of the year to get through to the categories page so you can put one down if you know one or just put this one down (I won’t win!)  You don’t have to enter a blog for every category just the ones you want.

Here are some of the baby posts I have done;
Living with multiple allergies – my worries and fears
10 things I want for my daughter
Sleep deprivation – a funny one of all the crazy things I have done
Breastfeeding a baby with allergies – featured on TalkMum
Exercise for Mums at home 
PND – my coping strategies
Life with a newborn – the reality
2 weeks post partum
My birth story
My Silent Sunday Photo’s 
I have the page at the top of birth stories by real Mums. A place where you can come and read birth stories from all different situations.
I also have started vlogging and here is a little video of Ava at 6 months.

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