Wicked Wednesdays #16

The 4 year old tantrum!



18 responses to “Wicked Wednesdays #16”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Just look at that face!

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Haha, if it came with noise, you wouldn’t be saying that! x

  2. Laura says:

    Haha he is NOT happy. Time to run for cover mummy! x

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I just sat and ignored him for a while, then left the room as he was too loud! x

  3. Awww bless. Same age as mine and same look when throwing a tantrum =) #wickedwednesdays

  4. still looking super cute though 😉 #wickedwednesdays

  5. Ha I love this photo, reminds me so much of my eldest! We have videos of him kicking off and wailing over nothing when he was younger as blackmail for the future 😉 Stubborns not even the word for it, he’s slightly better now, just way more cheeky and told me the other day “I really DO NOT like you right now”… Stevie xx

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Haha that sounds like my 7 year old. He was a nightmare for them. x

  6. Cute pic but I do feel your pain – I’ve had a week of these here!

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      He can be lovely, but when he’s on one, he’s a nightmare x

  7. That face is like “is anyone still watching me tantrum”, my daughter does exactly the same face lol. #wicked-wednesday.

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Yep, he carried it on for quite a while! x

  8. God my girl is going through a right spate of these at the mo. It is a nightmare! Thanks so much for linking up to #wickedwednesdays I can’t wait to see what you have lined up for tomorrow! x

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I thought I had finished with them, but no he’s still having them now :/

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