World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

Last weekend we were invited along to Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire for the launch of their newest attraction, the World of Dinosaurs. Officially opened to the public by special celebrity guests Emma Bunton, Emma Willis and Tom Fletcher, we were lucky enough to be some of the first in the UK to explore the largest dinosaur animatronic attraction. The boys and Ava love dinosaurs so all were all excited as we entered through the Jurassic Park style archway. 

world of dinosaurs

The trail is home to many life-size dinosaurs set in a jurassic woodland in the park. Following the wide sandy path, which is buggy friendly, it takes you on a journey through the prehistoric era. As you walk you’ll be spotting dinosaurs in all directions, making sounds and moving about, there’s so much to take in.  It really does feel like they might stomp off into the trees. Obviously the Wold of Dinosaurs is still new and as all the plants and bushes grow I think it will really add to the immersive experience. 

There are information-plates near each dinosaur, giving you a brief history of the type of dinosaur, what size they would have been, what they ate and where they were found. It also tells you how to pronounce the dinosaur names.

With plenty of photo opportunities on the way around my favourite was the Jeep with a gigantic T-rex towering above you, very Jurassic Park! The dinosaurs were so realistic that Ava was a little wary and hid for the end part of the trail. The boys however, loved it, especially the spitting dinosaur at the end, watch out as if you stand too close you will get wet.

When you finish the trail there is a gift shop selling lots of dinosaur related items then just outside the shop is a fantastic sand pit where the kids can dig for dinosaur bones. There were buckets and spades and also paint brushes for dusting the bones. My three spent ages here whilst I was siting on a picnic bench watching and I actually had to drag them away to see the rest of the park. 

Just outside the entrance to The World of Dinosaurs is a train that runs right through it allowing you to get even closer to some of the dinosaurs. It also runs right alongside the wolf enclosure. At £2 per person this does make it an expensive ride if you have three children like me, but it is the only attraction that you pay for once inside the park and it’s not compulsory, although it was good. 

Not having been to Paradise Wildlife Park before we were keen to see the animals. We loved the Big Cats treetop walk where you can look down at the cats below. We stopped in the      and got some food. It’s a lovely place to stop as you can see right into the Tigers, however if we went again I would be more organised and take a pack lunch to save some money and just stop here for a drink.

The whole of the park really has kids in mind with little tunnels in the Meerkat area and windows down low for toddlers. There are play areas dotted around, one with a cover and also the inside soft play where we spent some time warming up. In the summer months there is Paradise Lagoon, a big paddling area with slides and water jets which I know would be a big hit with my three. 

If you haven’t been to  Paradise Wildlife Park yet it’s definitely a day out that we would recommend. With animals, plenty of play areas, a splash park and now the World of Dinosaurs too. It really is a fantastic day out for the whole family!

Disclosure: We were given entry into the Work of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park in return for this review.



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