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Hi I’m Eilidh…….. 

If you are wondering how you say it, it’s like Hayley without the ‘H’ or Aylee. It’s Gaelic and I love having such a unique name, although my teenage self, not so much!

I started this blog in 2014 as a way to record family memories and over the years it has evolved into a blog that covers my passions, travel, sustainable living, but it will always have being a mother at its heart. 

I live just outside Bedford, in a leafy village with my fiancée James, my two boys who are  11 and 7, our little girl who is 4, and James’ little boy is also a regular at our house.

In 2018 I started on a journey to live more sustainably. I made the decision to give up fast fashion for a year (at least) you can follow along on my journey on Instagram. Then after slowly but surely changing mine and my families habits in many different areas of our lives, I decided to create a 6 week e-course helping others think about how to tackle the never ending plastic in our lives. Packed full of suggestions and tips on how to live more sustainably and make those little swaps that all add up to a big difference. You can sign up for my course here. 

Work With Me 

email: just.eilidhg@gmail.com

Blogging Clients

Through the blog I have had the chance to work with some amazing companies such as Al Fresco Holidays, Martinhal, Darwin Forest, The Co-op, Reef, Boudivida, Morrisons, Hello Fresh, Local Tourist Boards and many more. I have also featured on some of their blogs & websites.

As a UK green, lifestyle and travel blogger, I love to work collaboratively and creatively: showcasing and storytelling our travels, and promoting  some of our favourite brands, both little and large. With a loyal audience, I aim to share with them travel that is possible with a larger family, with accommodation suitable for more than 2 children. And also those times when you need to get away with your partner for a short break both in the UK and abroad. Sharing inspiration for travel in all its many forms.

Want to get to know me a little better? I’d love to meet you too. Please contact me by email @ just.eilidhg@gmail.com if you would prefer, we can arrange to meet for a coffee, or if it’s easier, a good old-fashioned Skype call. My media kit is available on request.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Freelance Clients

Aside from being a Mum and a  Blogger, I work freelance – creating beautiful content for creative companies and as a social media coach working with clients to develop their social media. Contact me for more details.

I will make it clear in a blog post if I have been gifted an item, or if I have been paid by a brand to produce content. This website also contains affiliate links throughout, which means that if you purchase anything by clicking onto an online shop I may make commission on that item(s).
Thanks for reading and for checking out my blog!
Love, Eilidh x





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