Gratitude list #2

This last week has gone by quickly. Its nice to be back in a routine with the boys and Pre-school and School. I’m enjoying the new activities that I’m doing with Baby girl and I also survived the oh being away for 3 days, which gives me hope for when he goes away for a week.

1. Taking Baby girl swimming for the first time, she loved it.
2. Managing to move my blog to WordPress and going self hosted without any major problems.
3. Getting the chance to go on holiday @BluestoneWales in a couple of weeks.
4. Seeing Baby girl giggle for the first time.
5. Spending a lovely day with my two littlest monkeys, friends and family.
6. Having dinner cooked for me, after the oh being away for a few days.
7. The baby swing, it means I can tidy up quickly as Baby girl is quite happy to be put in it.
8. YouTube, I’ve finally mastered the top knot, so I can put my scruffy hair up out of sight.
9. Having a night with the oh when he got back. Chinese and a film before he went away again for a week.
10. Biggest monkey telling me I am the best Mummy in the World.

I’m linking up with This Enchanted Pixie and 52 weeks of gratitude.

3 responses to “Gratitude list #2”

  1. Polly says:

    Thanks for linking up! Congrats on surviving with your OH away… mine is back at college/work this week so I’m back to solo parenting lots. eep!

  2. sounds like a great productive week , well done on moving your blog i have been thinking of doing the same but think i will be waiting a while longer as i am useless with anything technical x #TheList

  3. Oh I do love a gratitude list! So pleased your little one loved swimming. Poor you on the solo parenting, it sucks! You have so much fab stuff on this list. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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