Osmo Genius and Creative Starter Kit Review

With the kids at home and the last few weeks fatigue of trying to juggle work plus homeschool, Osmo came in particularly handy. Osmo is a unique educational tool that opens up your iPad, or Amazon Fire, to the infinite possibilities of imaginative play, crafted with reflective artificial intelligence. It is totally hands-on which I think is partly why it has been such a big hit in our household. 

We were sent the Creative and Genius started kits to try out and really rate them! 

What is Osmo?

Osmo has created fun-filled and award-winning learning games that interact with actual handheld pieces bringing the game pieces and actions to real life. Just like magic! A bonus is that once the Osmo game apps have been loaded, you don’t need WiFi for gameplay. Osmo merges tactile exploration with innovative technology, actively engaging children in the learning process.

Before you begin, you need to download the apps, available on App Store and Amazon and create an account. Place the tablet in the Osmo stand and place the red reflector over the camera at the top.

Osmo Creative

The Creative Kit is designed for beginner to expert levels from age range 5-10 years. Osmo enables the continuation of learning which is fantastic for picking up where you left off. You can track game progress, using child game profiles, on the parent app. 

What’s In The Osmo Creative Starter Kit?

The Osmo Creative Starter Kit Games


Monster is by far our favourite game in the kit. Mo the Monster is great fun and all 3 kids love him. You can draw and watch Mo bring your physical drawings to life in his animated world on screen. The first time Ava (5) saw her picture being pulled up onto the IPad screen she squealed in excitement! It was lovely to see. 

Monster is helpful for children to improve drawing skills, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving, all whilst having fun. The creative wipe-clean board is easily wiped clean with the microfibre pouch supplied which is also ideal for keeping the dry erase markers safe. 

Newton, where physics meets creative problem solving and Masterpiece, an interactive drawing tool, are the other apps included and we haven’t explored these much yet as Ava loves Mo so much.

Osmo Genius Kit

The Genius Kit includes everything your kids need to experience hands-on learning and digital fun in five different ways and includes:

The award-winning games make core subjects like maths and spelling fresh and fun. Finlay and Ava couldn’t wait to explore them all.


The Tangrams challenge hones essential skills like visual thinking. You have to arrange tangible puzzle pieces to match the on-screen shapes. You can play with a friend or challenge yourself to more advanced levels as your work lights up with each correct piece laid.

It looks easy at first, but you need to get your shapes lined up just right to be able to move up a level, which is trickier than it looks, as they start taking the colours away as you move up the levels. All 3 kids enjoy this one!

Word Game

The word game starts with you looking at the on-screen clue to guess the secret word. Initially, just the beginning letter so it can be played with children who are able to hear and recognise the first sound in a word. The game progresses to words and as you play each letter you get right appears on the screen, until eventually the entire word is revealed. It is great fun to play and kept Ava engaged for ages.

Maths Game

As with the word game, the maths can start off simply with easy adding up and fun interactive games to play on the screen. There are different modes for this game with counting, addition, and multiplication. It really does spread through the ages and will last their learning for years. 

There are many other additions to the Osmo library of games. The Super Studio apps, works with special drawing books to make your drawings come to life on screen. Finlay wants to try Coding Jam, to make his own music and for any travel lovers, Detective Agency looks great for learning about Geography.

The Genius Kit is suitable for ages 6-10

The Creative Kit is suitable for ages 5-10 

You can find out more about Osmo here: https://www.playosmo.com/en-gb/




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