How To Choose Your Wedding Rings

Shopping for wedding rings is a new often confusing process, especially since you’ve probably never done it before. It’s different than engagement ring shopping, because this time around, after she said yes you’re shopping for the both of you. If you have no idea where to start—don’t worry, there are a whole variety of different wedding bands with different precious metals and designs for you to find something perfect. Try instead, to think of it as a fun experience with your husband or wife to be.

Shop Together

Since you’ll more than likely both be wearing wedding rings, it’s an opportunity for you both to join in together in an area of wedding planning. Jewellery experts agree that both partners should be involved to enjoy the process and make sure they end up with something they love. It’s also a wonderful activity that couples who share together will remember for years to come.

Shopping together can also help you narrow down the ring style you like best. By having the person you trust most to ask their opinion of what suits you. You could make a date out of it and head to lunch after. Or have a look online together. She said yes have a wide selection of moissanite bridal sets and moissanite eternity band.  

Incorporate Your Personal Style

Think about what jewellery you already own and what catches your eye when you’re shopping. Skin tone is also important to consider, does silver or gold look best on you and what do already own more of? Do you have a specific cut diamond that you prefer over another? Is your style more trendy and modern or traditional and timeless? Choose something that feels like you, because you will be wearing your ring every day, for a long time. 

Set a Budget

If you have a a clear budget in mind when wedding ring shopping it will be a lot easier. Not only will this help you find a wedding band you can afford, it will also help avoid disappointment. If you walk into the jewellery store with no budget in mind, you might end up loving something that is way out of your price range. Be honest and upfront about what it is when working with your jeweller or searching online. It is possible to have a dream wedding band within a budget.

And, don’t think working with a budget means you can’t go with a custom option you love. Shop around and have a look into designing your own wedding band from scratch.

Shop Early

Specialists advise that you shop for wedding rings as far as six months in advance of the wedding in order to allow plenty of time for the rings to be created. There is so much to plan in the lead up to a wedding, don’t put the rings last on the list or you may find some are ruled out as they won’t be ready in time. Just as finding the perfect engagement ring takes time, so does finding the perfect wedding band. Visiting and searching online places all takes time which you need to factor in. 

Consider Your Lifestyle

You should always consider your lifestyle to determine which metal works best for you and your lifestyle. For instance, tungsten is a good choice for those who do a lot of work with their hands, as it doesn’t scratch as easily as other metals. Titanium is also a great choice for a wedding band, as it doesn’t bend or scratch as easily. If you have an active lifestyle but you don’t want to sacrifice sparkle, consider a wedding ring with channel set gemstones. With this setting, The small, round diamonds or other gems are placed side-by-side between open channels that keep them secure.


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