CBD 101 : All you Need to know about CBD 

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What is CBD? 

CBD or cannabidiol has become a big supplement in the UK. It’s a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant and is famous for its calming properties both for the body and mind. Unlike THC, CBD won’t make you high or have any psychoactive effects but is going to help calm you down and feel less stressed, which we would all need at the moment!  

The Benefits of CBD Explained 

CBD has many benefits: for stress and anxiety, sleep, skin and also body aches and pains. This ingredient has become so well-known because it’s a natural and holistic way to deal with daily stress. CBD is also well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties: using CBD on your skin can help reduce any flare-ups and redness due to inflammation. It will naturally calm your skin and visibly change your skin within a few days. If you’re feeling sore, it’s a great way to help speed up recovery as it will calm the muscle inflammation. 

Struggling with sleep? Taking CBD after sleep will definitely be a game-changer in the way and help you sleep better. It will relax your body and mind and you’ll sleep like a baby. Just like any other food supplement, CBD needs to be added to a healthy lifestyle. We still need a lot of research to know to what extent CBD can be an add-on for your health. 

How is CBD made? 

There are three different types of CBD you can find in products: isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. 

How to take CBD How to take CBD

CBD comes in many forms, products, and strengths. You can now even get supplements that use CBD as a key ingredient to keep you feeling your best, including popular softgel supplements. Depending on your needs and how you like to take supplements, you’re going to find something you like.

The most popular and common way of taking CBD. CBD oil is so popular because it’s easy to take and absorbs the best. After taking CBD oil, it will only take 20 minutes to half an hour to have its first effects on your body and mind. The only thing with CBD oil is that they can sometimes taste pretty herby and many people end up swallowing it because they can’t handle the hemp-like taste. But there are now many tasteless CBD oils out there, which make it very easy to take leave under the tongue or to simply drop in your food without any extra taste. 

Capsules are becoming more and more popular and are loved by those who already have a vitamin and food supplement routine. With capsules, the amount of CBD you take is already pre-dosed which takes the pain of counting the dosage away. The main difference between oils and capsules is that capsules take longer to have an effect and due to digestion, some of the CBD is not completely absorbed by the body. 

The innovative and fun way to take CBD. CBD edibles and gummies make it completely painless and easy to take CBD. CBD edibles like gummies or mints also contain botanicals and adaptogens that will support the CBD, as well as enhance the effects of the product you’re taking. They’re also super convenient to take on the go if you’re travelling, it’s the way to do it! 

CBD beauty products are the newest beauty trend in skincare but also hair products. If you have inflammation, incorporating CBD in your skincare routine could help if you’re dealing with redness and appearing flare-ups. There’s no miracle skincare ingredient and no one’s claiming that CBD will change your skin overnight, but if you use it every day, you might start seeing results.

Buying CBD Online

Buying CBD in the UK can be quite confusing, especially online when you’re a first-time buyer. So here’s a small guide on How to buy CBD online: 

Make sure you’re buying your products from a brand or retailer that is trusted. Many massive online retailers will market their products as CBD products when they actually are made with hemp seed oil and don’t contain any CBD in them. You will therefore not get any of the expected effects of CBD after taking it.  

Although CBD is still quite a grey area, THC is a completely black and white situation in the UK. When it comes to CBD supplements, there can’t be any trace of THC in them, make sure the ingredient list states that there’s 0.0% of THC in them.  

Finding the right product for you can be quite confusing, so it’s always great to know there’s someone on the other end who’s able to give all the answers to your questions. At TheDrug.Store, we want to be as transparent as can be with our customers, as well as be able to inform them about the products and what could help them. 

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