Tired of your garden fence? Ways to uplift your fence.

Have you looked at your garden fence recently? Are you happy with it? Is it the opposite of a sight for sore eyes? I’ve been tired of the look of my garden fence for months. It looks the same way as it did when we first moved in and I think it desperately needs a change.

It’s a simple wooden garden fence but who’s to say that a garden fence can’t be a beautiful part of your garden? I’ve seen colourful fences, white-picket fences, black fences and many other stunning fences that truly make any garden that bit more special. So, it’s time for my garden to have a stunning fence too. If you are reading this, you might want to transform your garden fence too.

Today, I’ve partnered up with Speedy Fixings, UK construction business, which manufacture and supply a variety of fixings, fastenings and other products that you might need to install your garden fence and complete many other tasks. Here are some ways you can uplift your garden fence.

Make your garden fence stronger

Having a strong garden fence is essential to ensure it will (almost!) withstand anything and everything. One of the ways you can make your garden fence last longer and stronger is to install post shoes on the wooden posts of your fence. Simply speaking, post shoes by Speedy Fixings are steel “shoes” that support wooden posts, adding extra support and stability to the whole garden fence. These shoes also protect posts from water damage and insect damage.

Make your garden fence colourful

A wooden garden fence can still be beautiful if it’s being taken care of. If your wooden fence has lost its charm, maybe it’s time for a quick scrub and maybe a polish? As Savvy in Somerset comments, “If you don’t want to paint your wooden fence but still want to make it look as good as possible, why not stain it? A garden fence will look refreshed in no time with a lovely wooden stain.”

If you want to completely transform your garden fence, grab a paintbrush, your favourite paint and let’s get painting. You can choose any colour for your garden fence – after all, it’s your fence and your home. “You can go for a traditional white picket fence, you can make it bright and playful by painting it yellow, you can make it modern and sleek by painting it black… your choice!” says Victoria’s Vintage in a recent article.

Make your garden fence versatile

Did you know that garden fences could have more than one use? Garden fences not only keep our homes safe but also keep our pets out of trouble and offer additional privacy to your garden. But garden fences can do so much more! What if you made your garden fence multifunctional? Welsh Mum says, “Garden fences can also be used as vertical storage for your garden elements – lights, plant pots, garden tools and more!” I love this idea!

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