Dreaming of Spring fashion, a house viewing and relief #littleloves

I’m pretty glad this week is almost over. I’ve been dreading it for ages as on Monday I had to have Lletz done to treat severe abnormal cells. I’m recovering well and just so pleased it’s not hanging over me anymore. Just the results to wait for and then hopefully the all clear.


I’ve failed miserably this week at reading anything for myself! Has anyone got any good book recommendations? James is away next week so I will probably find it harder to get to sleep, with all the noises I always suddenly hear when he’s not here.


The new series of Suits. I love the characters in this programme, even Louis Litt. James and I keep meaning to play the ‘God damn it’ drinking game when we watch it. I reckon the script writers deliberately try and put as many in as they can. 


I made another weekly meal plan. These have been really helping us to cut costs and also with planning meals that we can all eat together with Ava’s dairy allergy. 


Nothing new! It’s got to that awkward time of year where you are a bit bored of your winter wardrobe, are desperate to bust out the summer clothes but don’t want to freeze body parts off! I’ve been busy pinning and putting together a Spring wishlist which I will be sharing next week.  I also dressed as Where’s Wanda for World book day. The boys went as a character from ‘The Midnight Gang’ pj’s and a bandage on his head and ‘The Christmasaurus’. I managed to find him a blue dinosaur cape, he was so pleased. 


Puddle of Mud! Who remembers that band? A song came on my Spotify playlist the other day and it took me back to being a teenager! 

And Lastly ….

We went to look around a possible new house the other day. It’s to rent but will be great to tide us over till we can buy in hopefully the not to distant future. It’s in a lovely village we have wanted to move to for ages so I’m keeping everything crossed. Although the thought of moving house again makes me want to hide in a box!

6 responses to “Dreaming of Spring fashion, a house viewing and relief #littleloves”

  1. Stacie says:

    You look great in your World Book Day outfit (the joys of being a teacher eh?!). Hope you get the news you’re hoping for after your tests. House moves are so stressful aren’t they?! Makes me shudder a little bit! Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. RachelSwirl says:

    Good luck with the move, love your WBD outfit!

  3. Your WBD outfit looks brilliant! And good luck if you do move- we moved recently and it’s hard work but worth it in the end in the right area x #LittleLoves

  4. I know what you mean about being alone in the house – for some reason I’m super aware when alone in the house at night now #littleloves

  5. Hope you’re feeling better, and the results come through for you quickly! My husband went as Where’s Wally for WBD – such a classic outfit haha 🙂 Have a lovely week xx

  6. Morgana says:

    Loving your WBD costume! My youngest is obsessed with Where’s Wally books at the moment, and even put her WBD token towards getting one.
    Great news about the house in the village you like, hope the move goes well. xx

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