H&A Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set Review and Vlog

January 29, 2015

Bathtime is popular in our house. Baby girl loves her baths and never cries. Both boys also love their baths. The bathroom is usually destroyed after, but they will happily play in the bath for ages.

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We were sent the Bathtime Buddies Alphabet set by H&A to review. At the moment Ava is too small to play with toys and just likes to splash. However we stuck some of the letters on the side of the bath and as they are so colourful they caught her attention.Processed with Moldiv

The boys saw the Alphabet set tub and wanted to play with them straight away. They found the letters for their names before they even got in the bath. I showed them how to get the letters wet and stick them onto the side of the bath and tiles. They stick really easily and don’t slide off which is great for little hands.

Processed with MoldivThese are a fantastic, fun way to encourage early learning. Finlay managed to find the first letter of his name and was really pleased with himself. We also looked for other letters he could recognise. He then moved on to squirting the letters with a water pistol! Kyle stayed interested in the word building and made lots of words independently.

At the end of Bathtime the letters were easy to scoop up and the boys even enjoyed doing this. As they usually moan about tidying up, this is a huge improvement. They then tipped out the water using the handy lid with holes in. Finlay enjoyed it so much, he tipped all the letters back out so he could do it again. As a Mummy I love this feature as it means the letters will last and not go smelly and yucky like so many bath toys do.

We had so much fun making a video of the Alphabet set. It’s the first one we have made, so please do have a watch 🙂

I asked the boys what they thought of the Bathtime buddies Alphabet set.

Kyle: ‘What is your favourite thing about the Alphabet set?”

“I liked making words with them and sticking them on the wall. Ooh ooh I liked scooping them up and tipping the water out.”

Finlay; “Did you like playing with the Alphabet set?”

“Yes, I found F for Finlay. You can squirt them too you know.”

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You can find out more about the Bathtime Buddies Alphabet set here. They are available to purchase from Tesco, Sainsburys, Wilkinsons and Asda and at only £3.00 it’s great value. I’m sure this set will be a favourite in our house.

H&A also have products featuring many of the boys favourite characters like Frozen, Thomas, Spongebob and Disney. I showed the boys the pictures and they both wanted them, “Please Mummy can we get them”. I love the educational toys and Kyle really wants one of their Mr & Mrs Clocks which is only £1, what a fab way to learn the time.

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Disclaimer : We were sent a H&A Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set to review, all opinions and views are our own.

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4 responses to “H&A Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set Review and Vlog”

  1. I love these – great way to encourage reading and spelling in a fun way! #kidtested

  2. The Giggles Family says:

    Really handy little feature to have the holes in the lid. Love your idea of having the video with it. Thanks for sharing #KidTested

  3. Kim Carberry says:

    They are fantastic. My girls still love their bath letters.
    Looks like you had a great time with them x

  4. We love letters in the bath, the kids have heaps of fun with them. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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