Rock of Feather – baby safe jewellery – Review and Giveaway

When I first heard of Rock of Feather I was instantly intrigued and on looking at their website loved the stylish, trendy layout and designs. This doesn’t look like your normal jewellery targeted at Mums. I’ve bought baby safe necklaces before and they have sat on the side, not being worn as they look like teething necklaces. Rock of Feather jewellery is different as it is really on trend and something I would definitely wear, Mum or not. Pre baby I loved accessorising my outfits and have a stand full of statement necklaces and bangles. Since having Ava I’ve kept on my Pandora bracelet, but have had to give up all of my necklaces now she is grabbing and chewing.

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What is Rock of Feather? 

No woman wants to lose her individuality and sense of self when she becomes a mother.

“It’s 100% safe for babies and toddlers to pull, chew and drool over but, at the same time, Rock of Feather designs imaginative and stylish pieces that anyone would consider good enough to eat.  And, perhaps most importantly, by way of tribute to women who don’t want to inhibit their sense of style just because they have children, the whole range is inspired by seasonal fashion trends.”

This is teething jewellery with real bite.

The Rock of Feather range is safe for any baby or toddler and specifically designed to be put in mouths. It includes necklaces and bracelets priced from £12 – £26.


The jewellery arrives in a little turquoise (ish) colour box and on opening I was excited to see the presentation. I felt like I was receiving some high end jewellery, it definitely brightened up my day. Inside the box was a grey branded drawstring bag, a leaflet and some feathers (sanitised, don’t panic) I loved this touch!

The stylish leaflet explains about the brand and contains some great information about the product.

The Kittiwake necklace 

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I opted for the Kittiwake necklace. Now it’s warming up I’m wearing brighter colours and prints and thought that this one would go well with most of my outfits. I love how they describe the jewellery as “putinyourmouth-able” and I can confirm that Ava agrees. Before I even put the necklace on she was trying to grab it. I’ve been wearing it for the last couple of days and she fiddles with it, tugs it and chews it. She plays with it when she is feeding too which as a bonus as it keeps her attention instead of trying to look around the room. I’ve even had a few people comment on the necklace asking where it is from. My younger, trendier sister was surprised when I told her it was a baby safe necklace and couldn’t believe it was made from silicone. Proving that it’s not just Mums who the jewellery appeals too.



I’m so pleased to be able to offer you the chance to get your hands on one of the Rock of Feather jewellery items. The winner will be able to choose which item and colour variation they would like. All you need to do is enter below. The more options you do, the more entries you get. Good luck.

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I’m totally in love with the brand and the next item on my wish list is the beautiful pink Hummingbird bracelet.

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Which is your favourite item?





37 responses to “Rock of Feather – baby safe jewellery – Review and Giveaway”

  1. Abbie says:

    Love the pink bracelet!

  2. Oh wow these are fab.
    I love the nightjar necklace-onyx and granite and the mockingbird necklace- rose quartz. Think the nightjar necklace would be my fave though.

  3. kim plant says:

    Kittiwake Necklace xx

  4. These are fab! I love the Kittiwake necklace! xx #TriedTested

  5. laura banks says:

    i love the nightjat necklace

  6. I love the hummingbird bracelet x

  7. Shirley Evans says:

    The pink bracelet looks nice

  8. Tracy Nixon says:

    I love their Kittiwake Necklace!

  9. Kim Neville says:

    I like the Nightjar necklace

  10. kayleigh Bates says:

    Kittiwake Necklace

  11. Sophie Lester says:

    I love the Kittiwake Necklace

  12. winnie says:

    the green Turtle Dove Pendant

  13. iain maciver says:

    Kittiwake Necklace

  14. Laura Pritchard says:

    I love the pink beads 🙂

  15. claire woods says:

    pink bracelet

  16. TINA HOLMES says:

    Kittiwake Necklace is very pretty

  17. Ruth Harwood says:

    Kittiwake necklace xx

  18. Alicia says:

    Love the kittiwake necklace!

  19. Colette B says:

    Your necklace is gorgeous and I’m most envious! My youngest is 18 months so I still struggle to wear necklaces without her grabbing them – I think this might well have a place in my wardrobe!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  20. Angela Kelly says:

    I love the Kittiwake necklace

  21. Karen S says:

    Turtle Dove Pendant

  22. shonia gibson says:

    I adore the kittiware necklace, it’s so simple,yet beautiful. Definitely something I’d wear before and long after breastfeeding has sadly ended. Great blog 🙂

  23. Lisa Ferguson says:

    Nightjar necklace.

  24. Dani says:

    Love the nightjar necklace

  25. Shamim Akhtar says:

    My favourite is the kittiwake necklace, so pretty!

  26. It has to be the kittiwake followed by the mockingbird necklace, they’re both gorgeous.. but then I really love the hummingbird bracelet too! It’s so hard to choose x

  27. Tracy says:

    The Kittiwake Necklace is definitely my fave!

  28. Nicola McC says:

    I love the pink bracelet! so Cute!

  29. Leanne Bell says:

    Kittiwake necklace. x

  30. katherine b says:

    I love Nightjar necklace

  31. Kat says:

    i love the mockingbird necklace in granite

  32. Aaron Milne says:

    pink bracelet

  33. Natalie Crossan says:

    I like the nightjar necklace xxx

  34. Monika S says:

    I like Kittiwake Necklace

  35. nightjar necklace is my favourite

  36. Michelle Kemp says:

    The nightjar necklace

  37. cat culmer says:

    Turtle Dove Pendant

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