34 weeks

This week has been a week of rest. Well sort of. Everything seems to have calmed down after last weeks scare. I did have one evening of some pretty impressive braxton hicks with lower backache. Not going to lie, I was a little bit freaked out that it was the start of something. Bump also had one very, very quiet day. She usually wriggles around quite a lot and she wouldn’t even move for her Daddy. When he talks to the bump it usually gets a response. I hardly slept that night with worry. But the next day she more than made up for it. With everything that has been going on, I’m looking forward to having her safely in my arms. 

I’ve finally finished getting everything for the hospital bags, which are packed! All the baby clothes have been washed and my list of stuff to get is getting smaller. 

I had the midwife and the growth is still slowing, so I had a scan and baby is infact measuring above average, although the bump is measuring under. This has worried me as I had a pretty horrible last labour with an 8lb baby and complications for me after. Because of this and my spd I’m seeing a consultant in a couple of weeks to discuss birth options. 

I also had a physio appointment this week. I was told off for not using the crutches I have been given. I’ve had spd since 10 weeks this time and it’s horrible. The rest the last couple of weeks has helped, but doing even every day stuff is getting harder by the day. So I’ve had to swallow my pride and I’ve started using them. I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, but I am. However she said if I don’t use them I could do even more damage as the bones are separating and even said about using a wheelchair for the last few weeks. By the way a normal handbag is a no no with crutches. I’ve had to buy a backpack :/ 

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  1. Yes normal hand bag is not that very practical with crutches normally so I can’t imagine how annoying that must be with a baby bump with it coming off the shoulders (unless you have a long strap that goes over the head). It sounds like you have got everything prepared for the baby, I still need to get a few items for the hospital bag. I am planning for a home birth but still need a hospital bag just in case I have to go in during the labour. But because my heart is set on home birth it is hard to find the motivation to finish packing the hospital bag. X

    • Eilidh Gallagher says:

      I can imagine it’s even harder to pack the bag when planning a home birth. I hope you don’t need to use it! X

  2. Molly Forbes says:

    Definitely worth using the crutches – and there are some pretty cool backpacks around at the moment so no worries there! Well done on getting so organised what with everything else you’ve had going on. Despite the SPD you look incredible – properly glowing and lovely. Hope the rest continues and these last few weeks pass without incident. xx

    • Eilidh Gallagher says:

      Thanks, I do like a bit of a filter on my photos 😉 it’s definitely been a lucky time to need a backpack. I got a nice tan leather one, so don’t feel too frumpy! X

  3. I’m so sorry you’ve been suffering with SPD, it must be so hard. And also I am sorry you’ve had such stress over movements- I know only too well what that is like!! Do call the hospital if you’re worried x xx

    • Eilidh Gallagher says:

      Thanks, it’s not nice but will be worth it in the end! Think the hospital know me now lol! X

  4. Melaina25 says:

    SPD is the worst. I don’t use my crutches in the house but I do out of the house even though they really don’t help much. I’ve found mobility scooters at the grocery to be a lifesaver!
    ☼Transatlantic Blonde☼

    • Eilidh Gallagher says:

      It’s so hard to get out the house isn’t it! I went to boots to get a few bits and totally forgot I would need to carry them and walk with crutches. Mobility scooters are severely lacking here x

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