It’s a girl :)

The 20 week scan seemed to take forever to arrive. I had even been toying with the idea of paying for a private gender scan as I was so desperate to know.
Why was I so desperate?
For those that don’t know me I have 2 little boy monkeys from my previous realtionship/marriage. My now partner also has a little boy from his previous relationship/marriage. (A long story for another day)

Any of you that have 2 or more boys I’m sure you can sympathise. 

I am really outnumbered in my house!
My days consist of breaking up boisterousness before the inevitable cries of my youngest monkey when his big brother inadvertently, or not, hurts him. Toilet talk and noises, footballs, mess, more noise and chaos!
Oh how I have longed for a little bit of pink, some dolls, some long hair to fail at putting up and ballet lessons instead of sitting outside in the cold watching them play rugby/football.
Saying all this, I love my little boys and wouldn’t change them, and I would have loved another little boy just as much. 

At the scan I find myself telling the sonographer as soon as I sit down that we want to find out. Then I spend the next few minutes panicking they may find something wrong. Luckily everything is looking good with the baby and the sonographer starts to look to see if she can see. I’m nervously watching the screen for any signs of a winky!!

Then she says the words I still can’t believe I have heard, ‘It looks like a girl’. I don’t believe her so she shows me and the second sonographer in the room confirms that yes it is definitely a little girl baby!

I leave the room in a daze and then burst into tears, happy tears, relieved tears. Even the oh has a few in his eyes. He wants a girl as much as me.

Here she is our little bit of pink, can’t wait to meet her.

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