Why I’m Giving Up Fast Fashion And You Should Too

Fast fashion isn’t just bad for the environment, it’s bad for your mental health too. Looking back I’ve had a long, toxic relationship with clothes and it’s led me to the decision of giving up fast fashion and you should too!

I can distinctly remember the moment in my life when I first desperately wanted an item of clothing so that I would fit in. Considering I often can’t remember where I have put my phone, or my keys, I would say this is obviously a pretty momentous moment in my life. It was the summer of 95, when denim shorts and little crop tops with collars were all the rage, thanks Tammy girl! And if you missed that era with heeled jelly shoes, I loved those things. Well, some of it was good, some not to be repeated.

I was going to a party and I knew some girls were going to be there from my class, which meant I just had to have a pair of denim shorts or I couldn’t possibly go! But why?! At 11 where had I got that idea from and why did I feel SO sure about it? 

giving up fast fashion


My Toxic Relationship With Fast Fashion

Fast forward 20+ years and I still have a toxic relationship with fast fashion. I’m ashamed to say that it wasn’t until watching recent documentaries and taking a good, long, hard look at myself that I realised.

But not only that, I’ve been using this platform and my others to promote fast fashion. To perpetuate the feeling of needing to keep up, needing to have that item of clothing to fit in. Ultimately, to be liked.

A people pleaser that’s often what we want isn’t it? If I wear the right clothes, look a certain way then people will have to like me! The constant seeking validation of ourselves through our wardrobe!

And if I’m honest it’s exhausting!

I still always feel one step behind the newest trend. Not quite able to keep up with those girls in the denim shorts. Yet I find myself creating fashion posts on Instagram, never the same outfit more than once. The pressure we put on ourselves to present an image that isn’t necessarily real. We all know that Instagram is the best bits, but when do the best bits become toxic in our lives?

I’m giving up fast fashion

When I first watched and started researching the environmental and ethical impacts fast fashion has, I will admit, my initial reaction was to bury my head. I like clothes, I like fashion, I didn’t want to stop the never ending buying cycle. And do you know what thoughts were running through my head? How would I fit in without the newest must have item? What was I going to talk about instead?

So I now find myself on this journey of giving up fast fashion, redefining my mindset and it’s tough. I’m only a few weeks in and already I can occasionally feel my resolve waning.

‘No fast fashion, no fast fashion’ is the current mantra running through my head. Do I really NEED that pretty dress? Or do I want it for the instant gratification it will give me and that passing moment of pleasure I gain from wearing something new, that’s all to brief. A fleeting moment and then another item hanging unworn in my wardrobe.

I’ve gone through all of my clothes and donated items that I don’t love and I won’t wear, that are cluttering my wardrobe and my life. Looking at items in a different way has really opened my eyes to the possibilities in my wardrobe.

But what about a new dress for Christmas? If I can’t reuse one of the many in my wardrobe, I will be buying vintage!

And as for that little voice in my head telling me that I need that newest must have fast fashion item to fit in. I’m hoping it will get quieter. I’ve given it too much air time over the years and it hasn’t in any way made me any happier!

Want an update on my giving up fast fashion journey, head here

2 responses to “Why I’m Giving Up Fast Fashion And You Should Too”

  1. Tanita says:

    Such a great post hun really enjoyed reading it. So important to share the realities online so that change can be made. Positive changes are so important in order to look after our environment xxx

  2. Couldn’t agree more! I have so much primark gear in my wardrobe that I have only worn once and after watch the SD documentary I realised how shit the clothes are! Manchester has some great vintage shops so i will also be buying vintage this Christmas!


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