5 Personalised Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner now, you may find yourself struggling to come up with perfect gift idea. You want to show your father or the father of your kids just how special and appreciated they are with an amazing gift, but you’re drawing a blank when it comes to ideas. So, why not go out and come up with something that can be personalised, giving the gift that extra
special unique touch? Personalised gifts tend to be the ones people hang on to and truly cherish.

To help you with your gift buying, here’s a look at five personalised gift ideas that could be ideal for that special father in your life.

Custom Plates for Show

Imagine being able to give your dad something really customised with a word or date that has special meaning to him? That’s exactly what you can do with show plates such as these from
number1plates.com. You can browse through the large selection of show number plates that let you choose what goes on the plate and the font itself. The service is fast and simple to use, and you can even take advantage of next day delivery options so that your plate arrives in time for Father’s Day.

A Customised Photo Calendar

Here is an idea for all the dads that have young kids and can't seem to get enough of those cherished family photos. Why not give him a whole year’s worth of photos he can display in his office or at home? A customised photo calendar can be created through a variety online services, allowing you
to pick the photos that appear each month, get creative with the layout, borders, and font, and create something he absolutely loves.

A Personalised Beer Stein

If that special father in your life happens to be a beer lover, then a personalised beer stein is something he will not only love, but will use for many years to come. You can find all kinds of styles
of mugs that you can customise ranging in glass, metal, and ceramic allowing you to pick one that matches with his own style.

Jewellery with the Custom Touch

Father’s Day is always a great time for gifting jewellery – something special like cufflinks, a bracelet, or even a sleek looking watch. If you're going to go this route, why not customise the piece with his initials, a special date, the word "dad", or any other special sentiment? Again, these are the kinds of
gifts he will hold on to and cherish.

Shop Tools for the Handy Man

Then again, if the man you’re buying for is the handyman DIY type, then you may want to consider purchasing tools that you can have customised. Again you can etch his initials, date, or word into the tool acting as a beautiful reminder to him each time he reaches for his tools.

Think Outside the Box and Opt for a Customised Gift

Each of these ideas allows you to think outside the box and choose a customised gift for the dad in your life.

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