Have you chosen your Coop Local Cause?

Living in a little leafy village has many benefits. Being near a shop isn’t one of them!  We are lucky to have a local Coop in the village that we end up visiting most days. Sometimes just for stocking up in-between the weekly shop with milk, bread and fruit. Other times for drinks and ice cream on the way back from the country park. For picnic food on the way for a day out, or a bottle of wine on A Friday night after a long week. Sometimes like the other morning a quick dash for warm, freshly baked croissants and pan au chocolates for a Birthday breakfast. With the shop being in a little community I now recognise and chat to the staff who always make us feel welcome. Even when the toddler decides she will have a tantrum whilst I’m trying to pay!


One of the great things that I love about the Coop is the 5% members reward. I’m currently saving mine up for Christmas and when I last checked, had £12 to spend. But not only that, I love that our little shops there are also helping our local community with the members 1% community reward. I recently chose for my 1% to go to the Scout group that both boys go to and will benefit from. 
Which local cause have you chosen to support with your 1%? If you haven’t decided, you can log online here to see the options in your local area.

In August I was invited for an afternoon to see behind the scenes of the filming session and meet the local cause MK Snap to see how Co-op Members’ 1% community reward is helping make great things happen in my community. 

MK Snap is one of the 4,000 local causes who are benefiting from the Local Community Fund, made up of our Members’ 1% community reward.

Have a watch of the video.


MK Snap

Visiting MK Snap what struck me was the community vibe. It was such friendly and welcoming place and they are really keen to involve the local community.It was lovely to see somewhere that has benefited from the members 1%. 

MK Snap offers professional support to learners with a range of learning difficulties and challenges. Learners who come to MK Snap feel like part of a big family. They make new friends, and are well supported by their dedicated team of staff. With more than 20 years’ experience of working with disabled people in the local community, they aim to be able to improve independence, quality of life, sense of purpose and confidence. To increase the learners ability to contribute to society and reduce dependence on society support structures.

If you regularly shop at a Coop store its definitely worth signing up to be a memeber for you own benefit and for your local community. Then don’t forget to choose who to support with your 1%? If you haven’t decided, you can log online here to see the options in your local area.


13 responses to “Have you chosen your Coop Local Cause?”

  1. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    I didn’t realise Co op did this scheme, what a great idea, we love having countryside cottage breaks with our three children, we stayed in one last year and the nearest town was 26 miles away and the local shop was closed, safe to say we stocked up for the week while shopping, then grabbed bits and bobs after days outs, we love the views, feeling of freedom when staying in the country, my fiance does moan about the country lanes though xxx

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      You do get used to the roads fairly quickly! I still struggle when we go to Devon and their lanes! x

  2. I had no idea about this scheme, it’s fantastic though. We have a coop in our village that I pass everyday on the school run, I’ll sign up next time x

  3. Hannah | MakeDo&Push says:

    I love our local Coop! I had no idea about this though – what a fantastic scheme 🙂 Will be signing up before the school run today! xx

  4. What a fantastic scheme and a lovely cause to choose. Being in the middle of town we don’t have a local Co-Op. I do remember the one we used to visit everyday on the way home from school when I was younger.

  5. I am a member but I had no idea that we could choose where the 1% goes! I am off to choose now

  6. What a great scheme. I’m so jealous of your leafy village btw, it sounds idyllic!

  7. We don’t have a Co-Op local to us unfortunately, but this sounds like a lovely scheme – so nice to be able to choose exactly where that 1% goes!

  8. I rarely shop at the CO-OP but I was aware of their scheme and think it’s such a lovely idea xx

  9. A.E. ADKINS says:

    I am registered but didn’t know that I had a choice where the 1% goes either

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