Homemade Christmas gift ideas

It started when I had my first child, seven years ago. The main reason being that I was skint. I made footprint cards for the family and put them in photo frames as a present. Little did I know it would start a bit of an obsession with homemade Christmas presents. 

Each year I make them for family and friends. See my post here for great ideas for grandparents. I’ve been busy buying all the things I will need, but with a 7 week old I’ve yet to start making them. 

This is what I’m planning to make this year. I must remember to take photos!

Gingerbread sugar scrub, vanilla for a friend who doesn’t like gingerbread. 

Snowman soup. Blog post to come.

Hot chocolate set with mini glass milk bottles.

Snowman poop and reindeer droppings 

Fudge in a tin. Blog post to come.

Brownie mix in a jar.

Infused vodka

Flavoured coffee syrups

Mulled wine gift set with mason jugs and paper straws. 

Frozen playdough in a jar 

salt dough footprint

I have found Kilner jars reasonably priced in Wilkinsons and I have also found some plain jars in the 99p store 🙂 

This year I’m also making my gift tags. Blog post to come but here is a sneaky preview. 

7 responses to “Homemade Christmas gift ideas”

  1. So many great ideas here! I love the sand dough print and the coffee syrup (even though I dont drink coffee I think in hot choc mmm)Thanks for linking up x

  2. Ooh these all sound brilliant, I would absolutely love to receive some gingerbread scrub and a tin of home made fudge! Personal gifts are so lovely, and I’m sure yours will be so well received. Good luck doing it all with a small baby! 🙂 #ChristmasCountdown

  3. aaublog.com says:

    I love the brownie mix in a jar idea. I’d love to get a gift like that too! #thelist

  4. Some great ideas there, although reading with my 5 year old looking over my shoulder and now she wants me to make it all!

  5. Some great ideas, I really love the Pomegranate infused vodka #thelist

  6. Aby Moore says:

    Such lovely ideas. I have actually made up a couple of Kilner Jars with brownie mix in them and I made some fudge to put in some jars for Baby’s friends mums. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  7. All of these ideas are great! The gingerbread scrub sounds AMAZING =)

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