Horrid Henry – Series 5 Coming Soon

December 13, 2018

Hands up who hears ‘It’s not fair’ coming from their kids or even thinks it themselves, still? I know I do! It’s a phrase regularly used in our house by my boys and so we can all relate to Horrid Henry, a 10 year old boy, who definitely thinks life isn’t fair!

My boys are big fans of Horrid Henry, they read the books, watch the tv programmes and have seen ‘Horrid Henry The Movie’. So they were very excited when we recently got to see a screening of some of the newest Horrid Henry series 5, due to hit our screens soon on Netflix and Nickelodeon.

The boys little minds were blown that Horrid Henry is actually voiced by a lady! Their little faces when she stood on stage and spoke as Henry was one of confusion and wonder. It’s an odd experience seeing a voice you have come to identify as a character come from someone else, the talented Lizzie Waterworth-Santo.

We were then lucky enough to meet voices of the cast and also the screenwriter and producer, Lucinda Whiteley. It’s obvious that they all love their job and that it’s like one big family working together. Kyle wanted to know how he could get into the newest Horrid Henry Movie that will be being filmed soon, apparently there will be opportunities for normal girls and boys. And Finlay wanted to know how they discovered they were good at making different voices, a lot of messing around and then practising, which the boys have since been trying themselves.

It was great fun hearing the voices and then figuring out which character it was. The boys were also surprised that they often did more than one character’s voice. Tamsin Heatley showed us her Mum, Fluffy and Fang voices. Whilst Wayne Forester who does the voice of Dad, also showed us Beefy Bert and Greedy Graham, to name few. 

We found out more about the creative process of putting the ideas into episodes and also how long it takes for it all to come together (a long time!). And just how organised you have to be to pull it all together. 

Horrid Henry will now have a total of 250 episodes making it one of the biggest animated children’s shows ever in the UK. We can’t wait to watch the new series together! 

2 responses to “Horrid Henry – Series 5 Coming Soon”

  1. We're going on an adventure says:

    What an incredible experience!

  2. Tom Briggs says:

    I had no idea there was a new series coming so thanks for the heads up – my three will all be delighted!

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