When did I become a Mum who doesn’t like swimming?

When did I become a Mum who doesn’t like swimming? The thought of it makes me shiver, literally! I always thought I would want to take them, be fun and adventurous and the truth is I’m not. I hate getting splashed in the face, which is kind of inevitable when you are in a pool full of children. Standing in a dirty, cold changing room trying to get myself dry, as well as the kids, without having a nervous breakdown is NOT my idea of fun. And if someone else’s random left over hair manages to wrap itself around one of my toes, well that’s it, I’m done! 

We went swimming today as a family. It was cold, I had to shave, wear a swimsuit in public and I got splashed in the face numerous times! However, I did manage to avoid any hairs which was a massive win! The kids had a great time and it made me almost feel a little guilty for not taking them more often. I have no idea when swimming changed from being something I enjoyed, to something I tolerate?

Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy floating around in a pool outdoors somewhere hot on a lilo. I’m pretty sure I would also still love the rapids at Center Parcs. That’s if we can ever afford to go. What is with their price hikes out of term time? 

a mum who doesn't like swimming

My lack of desire for swimming today made me wonder if it’s a natural progression as Mums we go through? Am I in the norm, or am I just being a ‘mean boring Mummy’ for putting it off?

There are so many more things I used to enjoy that now make me shudder.

Crafting and baking, makes the perfectionist in me TWITCH!

Taking them anywhere outside at the moment is a great idea until someone falls or deliberately, thanks toddler, sits in the mud. Even with protective clothing on, it still needs washing when you get home. Adding to the NEVER ENDING washing pile.

Simple family board games inevitably end in TEARS and cries of ‘he’s cheating’.

Fairground rides fill me with fear, are they safe? Will I DIE on them?

Choosing a film to watch together can be a massive DRAMA.

Beer festivals, infact any kind of busy event now involves chasing after a toddler and having to have eyes in the back of my head. I can’t sit for longer than a minute to enjoy a drink, ANYWHERE!

BBQs equal FIRE. Enough said!

A walk along anywhere near water is a possible drowning. You can FORGET stopping for lunch in that nice pub next to the canal. 

I’ve even developed a fear of heights. I used to want to bungee jump and now I can’t even stand on the edge of a balcony and look over the side. I FREAK out (inside my head, loudly) if any of the kids are anywhere high. 

When did all of this happen? And how? 

I know we are in the deep, dark depths of toddlerhood at the moment and I know it get’s easier. But I think so many years of the fear have changed me irreversibly. I see danger where I didn’t before!

I watch my children enjoying all these things, not aware of the dangers or my fears or annoyance and I want to keep it that way. Their chance to be the one worrying will come in time and maybe one day when they aren’t so little I will start enjoying it all again. Or maybe I wont! Maybe I am doomed to always now be a Mum who doesn’t like swimming?


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  1. Kay says:

    I hate swimming with my kids too. With a 4, year old, a 3 year old and a 1 year old and my husband never having time to come with us, I just don’t feel in control on the situation and know that the entire time I will be stressed and having an awful time. Especially cos my toddler’s in a really difficult phase right now. And I have definitely also experienced my middle child having a tantrum and sitting in mud puddles and me feeling miserable thinking about all the laundry they’re gifting me with. Fingers crossed it gets better!

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