You’ve Got A Friend In Me

I always wanted a big brother growing up and I could have done with one on more than one occasion! I often think how lucky Ava is to have two who absolutely dote on her. Her very first friends!

Finlay and Ava shared a room this week whilst on our holiday to Cornwall. There are four years between them, but they will make up little games together and we often find them playing an imaginary game somewhere. So it came as no surprise to find them playing with their new Buzz and Woody toys in their bedroom together. We had to bring them on holiday of course!

Finlay’s favourite is Buzz and Ava definitely loves Woody so that worked out well. 

Toy Story to me is the ultimate childhood film of true friendship. The films are something we can all watch together when having a movie night and a firm family favourite. Unbelievably, Toy Story is now over 20 years old! Doesn’t that make you feel old?! And in anticipation of Toy Story 4 (I know you are just as excited as me!) being released in June 2019, Smyths sent us the Thinkway Toys Buzz Lightyear and Woody Two Pack

The action figures are the perfect size for little hands (12 inches) and little imaginations as they are so realistic. They have quickly become a favourite of both Finlay and Ava who have played with them together creating adventures. 

Childhood Friendships

Over the last year as Ava’s speech has improved, so have her friendships. It’s hard to form those bonds when you can’t be understood. I often watched from the sidelines, burning with frustration and sadness for her as she tries to navigate the already complicated world of friendships. To see other children run off before she has made herself understood is pretty heartbreaking. It isn’t a case of her not wanting to make friends, it has just been a little more difficult.

Next week we see Ava starting her second year of Pre-School and I have so many hopes for her forming friendships this year. She will now be able to tell us who her friends are for a start. But not only that, with the improvement in her speech she will hopefully be able to play with rather than alongside, which we know she loves to do. 

All we can do as parents is teach our children to be kind and caring and role model good friendships and relationships. We have to hope others they encounter do the same. I didn’t worry as much about the boys making friends, although with Kyle starting secondary school next year and moving away from many of his current friends, I’m sure that will all change. But watching Ava struggle, when she is naturally friendly and loving has been hard.

I hope for all three of them that they have friends who make them laugh, make them smile, raise them up and most importantly have their back when times are tough. I’m lucky to have some of these friendships in my life and I know how important they are to me. 

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128 responses to “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”

  1. slinky…..wish i could be in 2 places at once!

  2. Anthony Harrington says:

    I like Buzz the most

  3. Bev says:

    Definitely Jessie!

  4. nearlydead says:

    Buzz is my favourite.

  5. Angela McDonald says:

    I’ve always loved Rex!

  6. Iain Maciver says:

    love woody

  7. katesds says:


  8. Solange says:

    I love Woody.

  9. lesley renshaw says:


  10. Rob Hutchinson says:

    My favourite Toy Story character is Woody.

  11. Kevin Honey says:

    Buzz Lightyear, To Infinity and Beyond!

  12. Angela Treadway says:

    woody x

  13. sam macaree says:

    I always liked Sid 😀

  14. Susan B says:

    Buzz Lightyear does it for me every time. He is SO cute!

  15. Pam Gregory says:

    Mr Potato Head

  16. Geri Gregg says:


  17. claire woods says:


  18. Sally Collingwood says:

    Love Woody, he is so cute!

  19. Ruth Harwood says:

    Slinky dog, the voice of reason lol!

  20. Hannah Scudder says:

    I like Mr Potato Head

  21. susan smith says:


  22. Tracy Hanley says:

    We just love Lotso the bear

  23. Samantha O'D says:


  24. Annabel Greaves says:

    I love Woody x

  25. mr potato head

  26. Sean eccles says:

    Buzz lightyear

  27. Rebecca Sutton says:

    i like the sausage dog out of toy story

  28. Kelly Hirst says:

    My favourite Toy Story character is definitely Jessie

  29. Jules Eley says:

    I love Woody!

  30. JULIE WARD says:

    Mrs potato head,, my son calls me potato head

  31. Laura Walker says:

    My favourite is Woody

  32. Stephanie Coals says:

    Has to be jessie

  33. Hayley Louise Colburn says:

    Rex 😀

  34. jennifer l says:

    My favourite is Woody

  35. Martha Chisholm says:

    Buzz Lightyear is up there with the best, but I suspect that I’d have to choose Jessie…..

  36. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I love Woody, I think everyone needs a friend like him 🙂

  37. James McLaughlin says:

    I love the little aliens from the claw machine.

  38. Rebecca Cusick says:

    My favourite is Woody x

  39. Alica says:

    I love the green aliens! oooooh!

  40. gemma hendry says:

    buzz is my favourite

  41. bex allum says:

    I love buzz lightyear.

  42. maria blythin says:

    rex he is so cute x

  43. I love Bo Peep, ‘why don’t I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight..?’ Lol

  44. Kirsty Ward says:


  45. sarah m says:

    Mine is Woody because he looks out for his friends and goes above and beyond for them!

  46. We love HAMM the piggy bank and SLINKY DOG both super funny characters in all the movies! xx

  47. Debbie Finnerty says:

    Woody or Stinky Pete but my son loves Rex!

  48. clair downham says:


  49. cheryl hadfield says:


  50. Ash R x says:

    Woody 🙂

  51. LESLEY BRADLEY says:

    Wheezy the Penguin

  52. Maggie Ali says:

    Jessie! She’s of a strong character and that’s what a girl should be.

  53. keri2016 says:

    Mr potatoe head

  54. Helen Stratton says:

    Bullseye – he reminds me of my dog!

  55. Sam Parkes says:

    Buzz lightyear to infinity and beyond

  56. sue leake says:


  57. stacy sorrell says:

    i love Bullseye

  58. deanie gillies says:

    Slinky ….. how i would love to be in two places at the same time!

  59. libradragon2 says:

    has to be Rex, he is super funny

  60. Kellie Collister says:


  61. spuddy11 says:

    Buzz is my favourite.

  62. Emma Whittaker says:

    I love Slinky the Dog

  63. Judith Allen says:

    Slinky dog – I loved my slinky. And my dog.

  64. janine atkin says:

    woody is my favourite 🙂

  65. Zoey H says:

    Has to be Woody

  66. Carole Nott says:

    buzz lightyear

  67. Natalie Gough says:


  68. Mary Campbell says:

    Buzz Lightyear – because everyone should feel that life is an exciting challenge, one where positive mental thought can take you to infinity and beyond!

  69. olivia280177 says:

    I like Jessie, yeeehaaaa!

  70. Rebecca Mercer says:

    Has to be mr and mrs potato head

  71. mandydoherty65 says:

    Has to be Woody

  72. Carrie-Anne Brown says:

    has to be rex!

  73. Andrea Johnson says:

    Buzz! And Slinky

  74. Lorna Ledger says:

    Mrs potato head, I lurve my other half too!

  75. Kay Broomfield says:

    I love Mrs Potato Head – she fusses round her husband like I do!

  76. Christopher Read says:

    I like the aliens 🙂 Thanks for running this comp

  77. jo liddement says:

    Woody because he is so loyal and dependable.

  78. Joanne Benham says:

    I love Mr Potato Head.

  79. Emma Fox says:

    We like Mr Potato Head 🙂

  80. tina Glover says:

    I love slinky the sausage dog and rex they are both really cute characters.

  81. Rebecca Whatmore says:

    Mr and Mrs Potato Head – their characters remind me of me and my husband!

  82. Amy Bondoc says:

    My favourite is Woody

  83. Rebecca Powell says:

    my favourite is Rex

  84. Katie Mcginley says:

    Mr potato head

  85. Gill Mitchell says:

    I love Buzz Lightyear, he’s so funny and cute!

  86. Sylvia Paul says:

    Buzz Lightyear is my favourite xx

  87. Adrian Bold says:

    Buzz is my favourite. Thanks for the great competition!

  88. paul jackson says:


  89. paula cheadle says:

    I love Woody

  90. Rachel Craig says:


  91. Rebecca Smith says:

    Mr Potato head

  92. Mrs Potato Head – she’s the cutest!

  93. Anneka Avery says:

    My favourite Character is Jessie!! Rootin Tootin Cowgirl!

  94. Jo F says:

    I love the green aliens that Mr potato head rescues

  95. janine wainwright says:

    woody woody woody x

  96. Naomi Williams says:

    My favourite is Woody

  97. Ellen Stafford says:


  98. Lynn Neal says:

    I like Woody!

  99. Marisa R Foster says:

    Woody 🙂

  100. fayxxx says:

    Slinky dog because he has a wobbly bum just like me!

  101. Kristin Burdsall says:

    It has to be Rex

  102. Danielle Pooley says:

    Woody is def my favourite

  103. Nicola Marshall says:

    We love Buzz Lightyear.

  104. melanie stirling says:

    Mr Potato Head

  105. Carla Carthy says:

    I love them all but Rex Just pips it!!! 🙂 🙂

  106. I really liked Bo Peep so was sad when she wasn’t in the films anymore!

  107. laura frost says:


  108. claire sen says:

    It has to be woody, he’s down to earth and a all round good guy. Pretty much like me! 😀

  109. carol boffey says:

    i love woody

  110. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Definitely buzz light-year

  111. kim neville says:

    We like Buzz

  112. My favourite character is Jessie, she’s fab!

  113. adrian price says:

    has to bewoody

  114. Laura Findlay says:

    Woody because he’s kind and cute x

  115. Ruth Wollerton says:

    Jessie because girl power ROCKS xxx

  116. Hayley f says:

    Love Jessie x

  117. amandajay281 says:

    Slinky the dog is awesome! Fabulous giveaway thanks for hosting and good luck everyone x

  118. Amy Jo McLellan says:


  119. We love Woody, he’s such a friendly, loveable chap!

  120. Deborah MacKenzie says:

    I love Buzz……

  121. Fiona jk42 says:

    My favourite character is Woody

  122. Sue Jestico Carter says:


  123. Charlee says:

    Cj loves Toy story deffo a buzz fan

  124. Kirsteen Mackay says:

    I really like Buzz

  125. Kay Tee says:

    I love Jessie, Girl Power!!

  126. Tee Simpson says:

    Woody is my favourite.

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