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I don’t know very much about golf. I had lessons for a while when I was younger and know roughly how to hold a club and kind of hit a ball but that’s about it. The best thing about playing golf when I was younger was the basket of chips and can of cherry coke I used to have once we had finished. If you are unlike me and serious about your golf game or have someone in your life, be it a husband, boyfriend, partner, family member, that are serious about their golf game then I have a competition just for you. You can win the newest download by Short Games Secrets. The wedge games 2.0- Two Video Set.

Those that know me will know that James is totally the opposite when it comes to golf. I’m really proud of the fact that he spoke back in January at the PGA of America Teaching and Coaching Summit and has been invited again this time to speak at the Golf Magazine Top 100 Coaching Summit. In other words he knows his stuff. For those reading that know about Golf, he has been researching the short game and speaks about this

Win a download of The Wedge Game 2.0- Two Video Set

A year ago he embarked on a venture with one of his closest friends, John Graham, Short Game Secrets was formed and they have produced highly regarded downloadable content on the Short Game.

“Every part of the game from 100 yards in is covered in detail along with practical steps you can take to be the short game wizard in your regular fourball.”

James has recently produced his newest set of downloads The Wedge Game 2.0 – Two Video Set. 

Scrambling 2.0

Following on from the highly successful Scrambling video James takes things to a new level to ensure you have the understanding, decision making and execution skills of an elite golfer.

Introducing the concepts of the Short Game Performance Equation, Five Key Skills, Creativity vs Consistency and Skill Development James gives you the necessary tools to become a new golfer around the greens. It’s time to join the short game revolution before you get left behind!

Run time: 41 minutes

Approach Wedges 2.0

In this follow up to the original Approach Wedges video James reveals the key to greater wedge control (it’s not what you may think). How to incorporate your individual tendencies into your style of wedge play without compromising on great impact and how to fix yourself or your pupils in minutes freeing up time for skill development and performance training.

Run time: 48 minutes

He is very kindly offering my readers a chance to win a download by Short Game Secrets of The Wedge Game 2.0- Two Video Set. This can be played on any device that supports MP4 playback such as an Ipad, Smart TV. Mobile or Tablet. You can enter to win via the Gleam form below. If you really can’t wait for a download and want one now, if you purchase one and then are announced as the winner you will be refunded the full amount.

Win a Download of The Wedge Game 2.0 – Two Video Set

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