My top five for A Sound Sleep

The elusive full nights uninterrupted sleep, how I miss you. It feels like a long, long time since we have been friends. It’s not you that’s to blame. Pregnancy, babies, reflux, worries and insomnia have all played a part at varying times. Having a two year old that still doesn’t sleep is hindering our reunion but I can see you in my hopefully not too distant future. I can’t wait!

Dreaming of sleep I’ve come up with my essentials that I would need to catch up with my old friend.

Five essentials for a sound sleep

  1. A comfy mattress and fresh bedding. There’s nothing better than climbing into a comfy, clean and fresh bed. 
  2. Dark. It needs to be dark with no sun waking me up in the morning.
  3. Quiet. No noise!
  4. Wind down time. Reading a book, having a bath and no screen time, all help if I’m feeling stressed.
  5. A clutter free bedroom. Having just moved we are in the process of refreshing our bedroom. 

Having quiet is probably top of my list for a good nights sleep. Mattress Next Day have done #ASoundSleep survey showing how sound affects peoples sleep. I definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep anywhere near the grandmother with the loudest snore.

#asoundsleepWhat would be top of your list for #ASoundSleep ?

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