Autumn fashion, no teaching and Lactose Free cooking #LittleLoves

This September has been amazingly different to my normal Septembers, thanks to giving up teaching. I thought I might miss it but I don’t. I’m so pleased that I’ve had this opportunity to do something different. I don’t think it’s completely sunk in yet and it almost feels like I will be going back after a holiday. I’m completely in the ‘pinch me’ this can’t be real stage. 

I’m sharing a picture of my three babies from the holidays. I have hardly taken any pictures this week. I think I’m finding the end of summer uninspiring!


I haven’t done very well with this one and I think the only thing I read was the new issue of Women’s Health on the train back from London the other night. I’m looking for a new book if anyone has any recommendations?


Power, again. We are onto season 3 now and are watching it every night. James also showed me ‘Naked Attraction’ the other day. Such a cringey dating programme. They have naked people in boxes and reveal them part by part from the toes up. I think the worst bit is when they get rejected and have to come out of the box to hug the person who was choosing, still naked. Just no!

I have been listening to lots of music this week. I walked 6 miles on my own the other day as training for the walking marathon I am doing next weekend and took my headphones along for company. I’ve been particularly loving a bit of No Doubt. 


A decision to stop Kyl’es swimming lessons and I feel surprisingly guilty about it. He has finished stage 6 and the next thing they go on to is bridging squad in preparation for competitive swimming. As much as he loves swimming I don’t think he will go down this route, but I feel like I have now made that decision for him! He’s started street dance instead and is loving it (another surprise) so he’s happy. 


Warmer clothes. I’ve given in and dug out my winter wardrobe. I even bought myself some new fluffy socks for around the house from Primark which are ‘lush’ on the feet. I’ve created a Autumn fashion Wishlist if you fancy a read. I want to try and create more of a capsule wardrobe this season rather than one off outfits. I also had to buy myself some walking trainers for the marathon walk and they are pretty gross but they are comfy and I have no blisters after wearing them on my walk yesterday. 

And Lastly ….

I was invited by Tesco to a Lactose Free cookery class a few days ago and I had a great evening. Since being dairy free when feeding Ava I’ve noticed if I eat a lot of dairy I get bloated and have a stomach ache. So I’ve decided to try switching some products to lactose free to see if that helps at all. Tesco have a great range and we learnt how to use them to create some delicious meals. 

5 responses to “Autumn fashion, no teaching and Lactose Free cooking #LittleLoves”

  1. I love a bit of No Doubt! Sunday Morning is one of my favourite songs, and probably the first pop song I ever learnt all the words too!
    The cookery session looked fun!

  2. Kerri-Ann says:

    I think it’s so hard packing away the summer wardrobe this soon although cosy knits and fluffy socks make me smile. I hope the lactose free cooking goes well #littleloves

  3. I have been in warmer clothes too, but think I am accepting defeat and the summer clothes have gone away! Although autumn is my favourite season so I am ready for it now ! I felt exactly the same when I stopped teaching, it was like a huge weight had been lifted, I miss passing on my skill and creativity but not all the rubbish that comes with it, enjoy it I feel so blessed like you to have been given the chance x

  4. Jenny says:

    OH that cookery class sounds amazing. I am the same I try to always pick lactose free if I can so much better for my own stomach and my son’s too. Sounds like you have had a lovely week. Don’t feel guilty about the swimming you gave him life lessons how to do it and he is happy that’s all that matters. #littleloves

  5. Morgana says:

    My eldest and I are dairy free and I love that places are starting to cater more for those with allergies and intolerances.
    I’m off to take a look at your Autumn fashion post now! I love this time of year for clothes xx

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