Glasses or contact lenses? Top reasons why you should opt for glasses every time

Do you need to have your vision corrected? Having issues with your vision is frustrating which means you ordinarily have two options. Contact lenses or glasses. However, trying to decide between the two shouldn’t really be that difficult.

Here we’ll explore the top reasons why you should opt for glasses, over contact lenses every time!

glasses or contact lenses

Reason 1: They’re an extension of your personality

These days, glasses are so much more than just a necessity to see clearly. With such a beautiful and practical range of glasses available online like these titanium glasses, you’re truly spoilt for choice. Whether you want something bright and quirky to set yourself apart from everyone else, or you want something smooth, sleek and stylish to complement your workstyle, you’re sure to find something that matches and create the perfect fashion statement.

There’s no touching your eyes

If the idea of touching your eyeballs makes you cringe, then contact lenses probably aren’t for you. Contact lenses means placing your contact onto your eye every day and then removing it each night. Of course, it’s a process you’ll get used to but if you’d rather keep your fingers away from your delicate eye area then you should definitely opt for glasses. In addition, you’re more likely to develop an eye infection from touching your eyes with dirty hands or not cleaning your contacts properly.

Glasses won’t dry your eyes out

Contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen that gets into your eyes, which means you’re more likely to suffer from dry, itchy and uncomfortable eyes as the day goes on. Wearing glasses means that your eyes are usually fresher for longer and your eye health isn’t at risk. If you already suffer with dry eyes then glasses won’t exacerbate the issue further.

Your eyes are protected

Glasses can almost act like a shield from environmental factors. Wind, dust, grit dust and other debris flying around all have the potential to get stuck in your eyes causing discomfort, pain and even damage to your corneas. By wearing glasses, you have more protection than contact lenses.

You can fall asleep with your glasses on

We’ve all fallen asleep with our glasses on at some point. It’s easy to do after a long day. When you fall asleep with your frames on, you might wake up with a little discomfort. This is something that is easily remedied by simply taking them off. When you fall asleep with contact lenses in, your eyes will feel dry, sharp and terribly uncomfortable, you also have to then try and take them out!

And finally, glasses are often cheaper in the long run

With your glasses, you’ll probably pay for your initial eye exam, then another fee for your chosen frames. It’s simple and cost effective. Compare that to contact lenses and the costs are dramatically different. Not only do you need to pay for eye exams, but also separate contact lens tests. You also need to pay a monthly fee for your lenses and on top of that – a pair for frames for when you don’t have them in! It’s clear that glasses are much more budget friendly. If you look after them right, your spectacles can last you years.

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