6 Hacks To Make The Most Out Of Small Living Spaces

Small home and apartment living is becoming much more common, especially in the busier, more expensive cities, like London.

Tiny homes tend to lead to low-impact living, and with the help of organisation gurus like Marie Kondo, this way of living is making a big breakthrough. From strategically placing mirrors, to conscientiously tidying up, there are many ways that living in small spaces don’t have to be an inconvenience.

For those living on their own, as a couple, or simply saving up, small space living is the best option, and you can totally make the most of small spaces when you know how.

So whether you’re making an attempt to make the most of a small space, or simply just want to increase the functionality of your home, consider these six home hacks.

1. Opt for smaller bathroom items

Your bathroom is the one room in the house where you can opt for smaller sized units, without suffering much of an impact.

Think about it. You can still wash your hands, cleanse your face and brush your teeth when using a more slimline and smaller sink unit. You can still use the toilet facilities when the toilet is more compact, and you can certainly still bathe and relax in a smaller bathtub. Retailers like Bathdisc specialise in small bathtubs, measuring from 1000m – 1700mm, which saves on floor space but don’t overly compromise too much on bath space.

2. Create window seats where possible

Creating sitting areas by the windows helps to create warmth, and is a perfect way to utilise a space surrounded by natural light and/or beautiful garden or city views. However, the main benefit of creating this seating area is to squeeze in somewhere else to sit, without taking up any more floor space.

If you’re lucky enough to have a home which has bay windows or windows with a prominent window ledge, start looking at how you can amend this. With throw-over blankets and scatter cushions, you can create a seating area which takes up your ledge.

It means that when your three-piece sofa is taken up when you have guests round, that fourth person can happily – and comfortably – perch on the window ledge.

3. Be creative with your desk

Do you have a desk? If not, you could be missing a trick for clever storage. It’s a great place to sore all your important documents and file away post and bills out of sight.

Opt for something like this space saver wall ladder shelf desk from Lions home and you can store all your books, candles, and general magazines/notebooks on the various shelves as well as anything you want ‘on show’. Then use the main shelf for any work related items.

By utilising all the space, this transforms an already functional desk into an organisation lover’s double duty dream piece.

4. Don’t shy away from statement art

The first thought when you think of statement art piece might be ‘isn’t it odd to consider a piece of large-scale art for a rather small space’?. We hear you. However, it’s actually the one trick designers put to the test time and time again and again, giving a small room a more spacious feel.

When you add a large statement piece of art to your main wall, ideally in the living space, it acts as a focal point to the design scheme and is another easy way to showcase your aesthetic. The key here is to use statement art which is kept within the same colour scheme, like monochrome, or neutrals. A large print of clashing bright neons may do the opposite effect.

5. Look at vertical greenery

Let’s not forget that in some small homes and apartments, there is no garden. If this is the case, don’t worry, you can still have that touch of greenery we all long for. Get your DIY head on and look at installing a vertical greenery on either the outside wall of your home/balcony, or inside (just be wary of the type of plants you feature if you keep it indoors).

By hanging up a wire mesh which lets you add plant pots or wreaths, it instantly gives you plenty of greenery, without taking up any counter or floor space. Utilise an empty wall for this vertical garden and your space will instantly feel more peaceful.

6. Invest in folding out tables

If your home is a little too cramped to fit a full dining room table, space-saving furniture is your saviour. You’ll find lots of stylish apartments make use of tables that have a pull out counter underneath them, seamlessly swivel out from under the counter.

Whether you need more dining space for guests or just some extra counter space to chop vegetables, a multi-purpose table like this is useful.

As well as the six tips above, there are so many more smaller scale hacks you can do to give the illusion of a bigger space. From painting any adjoining rooms all in the same colour to placing any mirrors directly opposite windows, you’ll be fooling everyone (even yourself!) that you have a much bigger living space than you once had.


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