My dream car then and now

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I will let you into a little secret for those of you who didn’t know me when I was a teenager. For some reason my nickname was Barbie, possibly because I had blonde hair and liked pink things. I had a cork noticeboard in my bedroom at home that I would pin up gig tickets, photos and cuttings of things or people I liked on. Sometimes my friends would give me something to put on the board and one of those things was a cutting from a car selling magazine of a pale pink beetle that had been converted into soft top. It was my dream car and one that I actually thought I would own at some point, driving down to Newquay in it for a surf holiday with friends. 


Then life happened and well I didn’t get my dream car.

My first car was my Grandad’s white Fiesta with a choke and no power steering. I can remember the day I was driving to sixth form and the fan came loose in a traffic jam, cut through one of the radiator pipes and made smoke blow through the vents into the car. Some of the boys at School figured out it was a problem with the radiator and so on the way home I kept having to pull over to top it back up. Once of my friends was training to be a mechanic and he fixed it for me with a radiator from another Fiesta at a scrap yard for the cost of a McDonalds. I loved that car though as it gave me some freedom. 

My next car was a purple KA which has probably been my favourite car, it suited me whilst I was at University and was little enough to fit into small spaces easily. Then I had a family and the KA was no longer big enough. I now drive a Vauxhall Zafira, a bit different to a pink beetle. It’s always full of kids stuff and is slow but it’s safe (apart from the fire risk) and I can fit a large family in it. 

James has just got a new BMW and it’s totally different to mine, for a start it moves (fast) when you put your foot on the accelerator. I drove it the other day and was terrified or scratching the alloys and I would hate trying to park it. So although it’s lovely and I’m quite happy to be a passenger in it, it’s not the car for me.

It got me thinking what would be my dream car now?

I think it would either be an Audi Q7 or a BMW X5. Something with seven seats for when there are 4 kids and one that’s faster and a bit more fun to drive than my current one. Or if I didn’t have a family it would be an Audi A5 convertible, so much fun, James used to have one and I loved driving it! I would love a car that had a built in sat-nav, automatic lights, parking sensors, spotify and my dream of a heated steering wheel for cold mornings. 


Ideally I would like to own a car outright, however sometimes that just isn’t possible. I’ve been looking in to different finance options, leasing, car finance and found that you can even look at financing a car with bad credit car finance. Now I just need to find that magic money tree! 

What would be your dream car?



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