How to keep your holiday memories alive / with Snapfish

Do you take hundreds of holiday photos only for them to remain on your camera, or if you are more organised than me, on a hard drive in a folder? I’m definitely guilty of this! I love capturing memories on camera and my favourites get shared to Instagram, but it’s rare I do anything more with them than that. I used to painstakingly put together albums of printed photos from holidays, but just don’t do it these days, preferring to have that quick online album instead. But I miss having actual physical items, which is why I love the new Snapfish products, that help to keep your holiday memories alive. Different to more traditional albums, quick and easy to make with a personalised touch, I’m so pleased with the items I created.

Personalised Notebook

Planning a holiday is probably one of my favourite things to do. I’m constantly in wanderlust and sometimes even before returning from a holiday, I’m planning the next adventure. I use different places for inspiration and take screen shots, or more often than not, forget where I saw something and then spend ages searching for it again. No longer will I do this now thanks to my new Snapfish Notebook. 

I chose one of my favourite holiday moment photos from Instagram, and then added some text,

‘Oh the places we’ll go…..’

I look at the notebook and instantly feel like I’m back there, sipping an Aperol Spritz, watching the sunset. It’s the perfect capture of a memory of what travelling is all about for me. We had spent the day on a speed boat exploring the island of Ischia, stopping of for lunch, a nap and then a swim into some caves. It ‘s up there as one of the most memorable travel days I’ve had.

This picture reminds me of that feeling, a mixture of excitement from the adventure, a happy tiredness and contentment. A stillness and peace I feel from exploring and travelling. The perfect motivation and place for planning more days and moments like it. And who doesn’t love having an excuse for having a new notebook?!

Beach Towel

A beautiful sunset capture, another moment of happiness, seemed perfect to go on a towel and I’m so pleased with the outcome. The colours have come out beautifully and go perfectly with the added square of text that I chose.

‘be wild and wander’

I can’t wait to take it with us on our next adventure in a  few weeks. 

There are so many different ways you can create your personalised towel and I know the kids would love one with their name on. It would be nice for them to choose a picture, a favourite holiday memory of their own to create one with. The towels are huge and also lovely and soft, great quality and something that would definitely make a unique gift.

Snapfish Holiday Memories

Snapfish have many different products on their website that can be personalised to record your own summer memories.

Have a look at what you could create and use the code SUMMERFUN40 for 40% off the entire site.

*This post is in collaboration with Snapfish

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